Dealing with different creature spieces on different planets.

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 The way player will be able to deal with creatures that are agresive (or not) should be different on each planet (because of different adaptations) and for each species.Have in mind that:

1.These methods may work with different result on different spieces.

2.These are just my suggestions and they propably won't make it into the game and even if they may be changed and work differently.

3.Some of them may work on more than just one planet.

4.Some of this devices may be used only once and some of them more than one time (drone for example).

Here are some of them:


-A throwable lure (like bugbait in hl2),scaring/attracting.

-A throwable device emitting sounds(maybe music), (same for all spieces) scaring/attracting.

-A throwable device emitting bright light, (only for creatures living in caves) scaring.

-A throwable device attracting creature with the smell of it.




-A little laser attracting creatures in pointed place (like cats) (works for creatures living in caves and some of living on the surface of the planet, but not for creatures in deep caves because with its weak eyes it won't see it) (same for all of the creatures).

-A standing mirror (creature will see itself in the mirror and will try to mate with it or attack) (doesn't work for creatures living in deep caves, same reason as before).

-A throwable device that will dig under itself and around on a small radius attracting creature that will jump into the hole and treat it as a toy for a while, then it will get bored continue to chase you.


-A throwable device emitting heat (attracting the creature).

-A throwable device that will polish the permafrost causing the creature to slide.

-A device shaping the permafrost into ice-spikes causing the creature to go around it or go thru it slowly.


-A throwable device shooting water causing the creature to stop and drink.

-A throwable device focusing the sunlight in small radius causing the creature to go around that place (working only on surface).

-A throwable device that will jump a couple of times scaring the creature or causing it to attack it.


-A device that will pump fertilizer into the ground, then a bunch of plants will grow out causing the creature to jump away scared or attracting it (like catnip attract cats).

-A bunch of throwable little balls that will cause the creature stepping on them to slip and slide (like in cartoons).

-A device that will create a time vortex sucking the creature in, (not complitely) for a while then it will disappear (its sucking the player too so be carefull).


-A throwable device attracting the creature to it on a chemical level.

-A throwable device creating radioactive waves (scaring the creature).

-A dron piloted by the player causing the creature to stop chasing the player and start chasing the drone, then it will get bored and forget about chasing both the drone and player and go in different direction (if the player is not controling the drone it it will go straight).

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