Anyone knows what this is?

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I was playing with my friends last night and found this. I have no idea what it is and I haven't found it before. When the game began, it was the same but without the red and blue colors. It seemed to "light up" the more we played. I couldn't interact with it, so I'm assuming it's a bug.



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The tablets next to your Habitat are a puzzle mini game, which is triggered when you discover the crashed Hubble Space Telescope satellite.  There are other crashed satellites to be found, but they don't trigger the mini game.  The Hubble satellite is usually found partially buried down in a cave somewhere.    When you first find the Hubble, the lights on both tablets are not lit.  If you plug a power nugget into the yellow circle on the side of the satellite, the tablet on the left lights up (red & blue).  The satellite cannot be moved or brought back to your base.

After completing the left puzzle, the bottom button on the right puzzle lights up.  You are fortunate that the puzzle on the right has the bottom button already exposed.  In some cases you have to dig down a bit to be able to see that bottom button.  And people have reported that they cannot dig down to the bottom button due to the permanent gray surface below the Habitat.  So after completing the right puzzle, you go back to the satellite to claim your prize.

If you quit the game and come back later, the mini game will be disabled.  For example, I found the Hubble on another planet (Arid) then went back to base and completed the puzzles, I then quit the game.  When I returned, the lights were out on both puzzles, I then went back to the satellite but did not get the prize. 

Here is the link to the original thread:

In case you're not familiar with the Hubble Space telescope, it looks like this:




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Thanks! We've never come across this thing and we did put a power nugget on it and we watched it fill up. Interestingly, though, since I was the only one who could see the puzzle (I hosted the game), I didn't solve it and I know neither of them solved it either, but we got the prize anyway. We were all just around it and one of my friends went to the bottom and "Oh, what is this..." He just took that out and found it anyway on top of the Hubble.

So, we essentially got the prize and the tablet was still on by the time we exited the game. That's when I snapped the screenshot.

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