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If the player opens their model's bag too close to a vehicle or loose item on the ground, then it either gets deleted from the game or sent off flying. I believe this is due to the bag being physically taken off of the player's back in order to examine its contents, which pushes anything in the way out of it. I have had to close my game many times without saving in order to recover my convoy at least three times now, and once to collect items I "borrowed" from a corpse.

The first bug I encountered, however, was that, occasionally, when entering a vehicle it would literally collapse, jamming the axles. A simple closing and reopening of the game can fix this, but I think it will become a nuisance if it begins to get more recurrent.

The third bug, which I only found today, is a little bit more game-breaking: I presently have an invisible compound stuck in my bag in the craft slot and I can't move it, replace it, or craft anything with it because the game won't register its visual presence. Now, I think crafting something else with another material might fix the issue because at one point another invisible compound was put into a storage slot until a newly collected compound took its spot.

Another small bug, no idea how it happens (although I think it's because of the sand storms) there are sometimes holes in the world. Like x-ray cracks. I have no screenshots of this, but next time I see one, I'll include it below.

The first screenshot is of the invisible compound, the second is an after affect of opening my bag in front of my truck.



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