Great Game So Far, My Thoughts


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This is a great game and the EA build is quite stable on my PC, which is great. I like EA games that start off at almost a Demo quality and are fairly polished. Here is a list of the items I’d like to see included in the future, along with some glitches/annoyances that could use some fixing/tweaking:


1)      Movement glitch (feature?) where occasionally while running down a steep cave, you will start to slide and pick up speed, sometimes causing you to go out of control. Using jump usually stops it.

2)      I’ve had my truck overturn and it took me quite some time trying to right it. I would like it to be a little more stable while driving and easier to get it back on its wheels.

3)      Getting lost sucks, even with beacons planted, you can get lost if you drive off too far and lose your sense of direction. Add a buildable “radar” module for a vehicle or the suit addon?

4)      Building more than one shuttle from a single vehicle platform while playing co-op, both shuttles will glitch on top of each other. Create a buildable launch platform that you can move your ship to.

5)      Recover building materials (a la “salvage”) for items no longer wanted or needed.

6)      Moving built structures.

7)      Add clear habitable domes (glass consumable, smelt from silica) of varying sizes for more protection from the elements. Add agriculture inside the dome?

8)      More suit upgrades (a tech that allows you to move away from tethers), but may only work on certain planets, thus keeping the need for tethers.

9)      WATER! That seems to be one of humans biggest, next to oxygen, hurdles for space travel…figure out how to add this into the game that makes sense.

10)   Other storm affects other than just big blocks flying through the air…add solar flares, tornadoes, lightning storms, acid rain, etc..with the appropriate suit/habitat upgrades.

11)   Damage and items wearing out over time and/or use, include the ability to have to maintain/repair items over time (it is survival game after all).

12)   Different types of dangerous flora (not just gaseous or exploding) and add dangerous fauna (land and air creatures).

13)   Base defenses (turrets) from wildlife?

14)   Flyable vehicle (can’t leave the planet)?

15)   Rare elements for trading, gold, silver, platinum, gems, etc…

16)   Spacewalk (jetpack or tethers) for asteroid mining (rare elements only found in space).


Note: I did read the Roadmap blog, so I am aware (and agree with) of the duplication here.  ;-)

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Great game!! I know we leave of negative stuff here and bug reports, I want to also say how much potential this game has and how much my wife and I like playing it.   Keep up the good work and we're looking forward to future releases.

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