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I built a truck specifically to use the crane,  single seat, small storage x2 (one on front connector) 2 small solar panels (attached to storage), crane module. 

This was done on the barren planet but I assume this would apply anywhere. 

Driving about ok, and on exiting the driving seat the parking brake engages preventing truck from rolling(observed behaviour). However, if you get into the crane seat the parking brake disengages causing the truck to roll downslope.....I think this is unwanted behaviour, and could do with correcting.

also, when mining resources, the crane/drill fills the connected storage module, however it does not fill the storage module connected to the front connection node, nor do the mined resources "pop" off onto the floor.



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I've observed the same handbrake bug(?) in the latest build (131)

Maybe this is by design?

An option to engage / disengage brake would be cool.
You can use gravity to your advantage for continuous strip mining without having to re-position the truck manually :D

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