BUG: CO-OP FLYING 1-SEAT CHAIRS ((Yes...you heard it right, flying someone else's chair while they fly yours))

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Hi Devs,

Bug report; co-op chair flying.

I'm sure you are more than familiar with the chair flying bug...well...we found out you can co-op fly chairs.


Cowking22 and I found out about the flying 1-seat chair bug. (first image in purple is me flying around, neat photo, hilarious bug)

Not gonna lie, its kinda fun. Then after cruising our planet on the second lap around its circumference, I had the curious thought if you could co-op the bug. 

In short, yes...yes you can.

Cowking22 built a 1-seat chair (chair A) 

I built a 1-seat chair (chair B) 


I stood by chair B and made sure I was in range to pick up chair A. 

Cowking22 stood by chair A and made sure he was in range to pick up chair B. 


With some very dedicated timing, I was able to sit in chair B and pick up chair A at the same time. 

Cowking22 could sit in chair A and pick up chair B at the same time.


This resulted in cowking22 controlling my flying chair and I was able to control cowking22's flying chair resulting in a hilarious co-op chair flight. 


Highly inefficient, but if we both pointed our coursers in the same direction, we could fly just as fast as if you did the solo version of the bug.


We wished would could take a video (don't have the software), but we each took screen shots as we rocketed around the planet wildly flinging eachother's chairs around. It's totally replicate-able. We had 3x co-op chair flights just to ensure it can be done before we decided to report it. 

As funny as the chair flight is, and even more hilarious a co-op chair flight is, devs need to fix this one...


Devs, if you want us to show the bug, please contact me. We'd be more than happy to replicate it for you if you can't get it to work. Again, it's a timing issue of just hitting TAB while picking up your partner's chair...but it can be done. 


AKBigs solo chair flight.jpg

AKBigs screen shot 1.jpg

AKBigs screen shot 2.jpg

Cowking22 screen shot.jpg

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If you thought having fun with some control of your flying chair, you'll have a blast when you have no control over your flying chair. 

-Cowking22 & AKBigs 2017

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