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1. Radio - you can tune the radio to find other players and points of interests on the planet.

2. resource scanner - you pick with resource hit a button and get a direction to head in.

3. planetary manager - change colors of the planet you are on, change the weather, and stuff like that.

4. farm - grow plants.

5. water pump - change the level of water on your planet. 

6. flag - flag

7. train - train tracks and train stops. i like driving but sometimes you just want to get from base A to base B. fast.

8. "A"phone or tablet - Q bring up your backpack, hit Q again it flips around to a computer screen with apps. that control your base from afar or send your rover/truck back to base and then come back to pick you up.

9. DROIDS - all kinds. i want them to be different from each other. droids have a backpack, droids follow you or can be linked to base or rover/truck. they have a nod on top that you can chose what "hat" to put on. hat's let your droids what they should be getting up to. note Jawa's should be in the game... :P i like star wars


other things!

bio-dome - have your own little place to have a different landscape with animals and planets that a hard to grow and tame.

animal handler - pets! not for hunting, think of cool space creatures you would want to bread and have as plush toys for your RL kids.


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A train would also be nice for transporting bulk goods. I'd love to be able to send for my truck/ Rover from afar as well. As per a planetary manager I love this one, it would be nice to create a system, choose how many planets and what kind. I don't know what kind of constraints the dev team has but omg please. Kind of like how Minecraft lets you generate world's with certain criteria.


The biggest thing I want from the developers would be mod support, I don't know how Bethesda got it on Xbox but I'd love it on Xbox. It would rock my socks. Please developers mod support when the game is at or nearing completion. It's not like I can join your dev team, so I'd like to create content for Astroneer!!

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