After flattening ground, upon relog, a graphical glitch with the terrain


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It's sort of hard to explain what this is, the top left is one 2D 'sheet' with no depth, the bottom is the ground I'd shaped, and the middle stripe is below-ground (which I shouldn't be able to see) 

How this happened:

I'd meticulously flattened out the ground around my base, and logged out for a second, when I logged back in, this is what happened to the ground - not sure if you can tell, but it actually is showing me a cavern that's underneath the ground I was working on (you can just barely make out some seeds at the lower left).

To fix it, I had to use the terrain shaping tool around the edges, then re-flatten it. 

Even glitches like this can't stop me from being addicted to this game though! It is seriously unlike anything I've ever seen, or played before, and SO fun! Thank you for creating it and for continuing to develop it! 

Shifted Ground.jpg

Windows 7, GTX 1070, Steam Version

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I also discoverd this bug (yesterday) in the same way! Fixed it also by using the tool to re-flatten it.

I´m curious if this will happen again, when loading the savegame today.

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