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Hello everybody,
So here I am allowed to create my post here because i am looking for the title played in the first video trailer of Astroneer available on Steam (the one with the Chorus)
I buy the early access with the original tape but i do not find it.
Cordially CMD Puxian



Bonjour tout le monde,
Donc voila je me permets de crée mon Poste ici car je suis a la recherche du titre joué dans la premier video trailer de Astroneer disponible sur Steam ( celle avec les Choeur )
J'ai acheter l'early acces avec la bande original mais je ne la retrouve pas.
Cordialement CMD Puxian


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Hey, I wasn't aware of that Early Access Launch trailer! I totally missed that one, although it is also available on System Era's YouTube channel together with all their other trailer videos. Good job with finding the music for that video. :)

I really like the choice of music in these videos and how the visuals follow the music's rythm and mood

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