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One game-breaking bug & smaller bugs.

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I'll start with the game-breaking bug.

I've been playing for some hours now and this one is the most recent bug I've had. It broke the game that I had to start all over.

I was driving with the truck in a storm towards a cave, to the truck was attached a thick cable and in the storm it was giving me grief. Pulled over and got out. My character dies but then the truck with me suddenly in it falls through the ground to an extremely large cave that I guess was much deeper than the other cave that was right next to my base.

I follow the cable back where base would be above me. I find there the items that had disappeared earlier from the ground around my base. (This is another bug. Thought they actually just vanished, now I know what happened.)

Tried digging upwards to get to the surface, character falls down the pillar I was making to get higher to continue with the digging and the world becomes a floating endless cave where you couldn't tell what's what. I was walking on nothing. That's when I stopped and started again.

Other bugs I've encountered:

Items floating off backpack

FPS drop at couple times when tethering

Game crashed every time I tried to make a storage unit, my mistake was trying to make it for the rover

And then the items that fell through the ground that I mentioned earlier.

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So, the game-breaking bug might not be so game-breaking after all. Happened again.

I was collecting compound right next to my base and it made a huge hole. I was trying to fill it and I accidentally buried my character and I ended up in the void again. I suffocated after a while and popped up at the module. I could faintly see the 'X', which leads to my body. I started digging in that location and found my stuff.

Probably could have done last time, but it would've been a hassle to get my body and my truck from that deep down.

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