How to SPACE STATION 2k17!

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Build-able Space Station. It would be assembled in space and the parts would be built on the surface via vehicle bay and new means of hauling large objects for the Spaceship, like a cargo hold. The space station would consist of different parts that would need to first be researched. For instance, Space station habitat, space station solar panel, space station thrusters, space station construction pad. Each part would consist of large studs to link them together so many different variations of space stations could be built. Different parts could have more studs to add things like storage, docking, and even the necessities, like the printer, the smelter, the research bay, etc. 
as for navigating and operation of the space station you would simply float around it via tether. (It would also be cool if the parts of the space station looked reminiscent of the crashed space junk found on planets, like the giant solar).

Tell me what you think. This is what I hope SystemEra will do. What do you want to see implemented into astroneer?

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I propose a similar idea, however I'd argue you could do it differently. How about a new module, the so-called Space Station Constructor, as to gate the player with research/resources. This module is similar to the vehicle bay in that it has an area on which it 3d-prints space stations. These space stations could come in different toroidal sizes (Could take inspiration from the main menu) with a varying amounts of 'slots'. Each slot could then be filled by either a module, a docking bay for shuttles/spaceships, or an airlock for moving around the space station. There would be a tether limited to the usual length, but no way to extend it. Unless you have a jetpack (Further implementation), exiting the space station could easily lead to a quick death.

Examples (X Marks the slot and you'd be able to walk an inner ring just inside the ring of X's):
Small:    Medium:              Large:
   X              X X                    X   X
X   X        X       X             X            X
                   X X              X                 X
                                         X            X
                                             X   X

Once the space station interior is considered complete by the player, an exterior can be built, upon which the space station can be set to launch into space using quite a bit of hydrazine depending on the size of the space station (I currently propose 3, 6 and 10 respectively). Once there, it can be accessed by an astroneer piloting a shuttle or a spaceship that docks onto an empty docking bay. Upon docking, exiting the shuttle/spaceship should lead to the player being transported to the docking bay door.

Where the space station should be situated is a tricky question, as you'd expect it to be reachable close to or just above the Space Station Constructor module, however should the space station constructor module be built on one of the poles this simply wouldn't be realistic. Perhaps it too should orbit the planet, similar to spaceships/shuttles, or just be set to orbit the sun as to signify the player's dominance over their solar system (You'd need to watch out for orbital collision, though).

The space station could be used as the player's confined base of operations, with the possibility of allowing for some fun spacewalks. It could also serve as a safe way to deploy to among things such as, but not limited to:

- Asteroids
- Planets normally too far away
- Perhaps other solar systems


Another idea entirely is to only allow for space stations to randomly be found on planets as a discovery, requiring to be hooked up to a winch and pulled to the base, at which point they can then be rebuilt by the space station constructor module. This runs the risk of the game becoming very luck-based, however, while at the same time allowing smooth integration of the exploration mechanic the devs are so fond of.

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2 hours ago, Care said:

thanks a amazing idea that needs too be implemented in the game 

That Would be pretty neat as well. Except I'd like to see more use come out of the space station. Rather then just be a fancy mean of transportation or a vehicle depot. I would (in addition) like to see the option to add the base essentials (the research bay, the smelter, the printer, the fuel condenser, the vehicle bay, the trade platform, etc.) so the space station could operate like that of an off world base. So when you build a new base on a new planet, you don't have to build a new printer or smelter, etc. right when you need one, you could just simply use the one in orbit. :) 

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