Crash/Bug [Flat World] When Returning From Off-World


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Hey, guys! I absolutely love your game. If I didn't post this right, I hope someone can (respectfully) let me know.

I went to an "exotic" planet in the shuttle to collect Research, and when I returned to my home base on my home planet, the world was flattened and very bland. I understand when it would need to catch up, but there wasn't any. The same caves were accessible, it was just flattened without any formations or foliage.


When I drove my Truck/Rover trailer-rig into the cave closest to home and got out to collect copper, the game crashed when I tried to put a Research piece on my vehicle. I haven't had a crash before this.

Your game still amazes me, and with how it is now, I can't even imagine the finishing outcome! Thank you guys!

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