Wii Motion Plus Controller

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My friend and I are really big fans of the game. Yesterday we were talking about how to improve the construction tool in order to make it more flexible. For example, colons.

- Select the angle you want to start to build. When holding control key you can select a plain but sometimes you want the perfect plain and it spent a lot of time to find it.

- Build direction. Building structures are forced to move our little astronaut to change the view. I want to build horizontally without moving my character.

- Functionality. Is not easier to make some kinds of shapes like specially curves. Imagine you can select different tools to build different kind of shapes with it.

- Flexibility. Obviously having a pointing controller/device allows you to control much better your creative skills. that's why we use drawing tablet systems.

- Immersion. To feel like ur grabbing a real vacuum pistol. Should be amazing tho.


Wii Motion Plus Controller is the solution.

I've used it before on the PC like a mouse but never tried with the motion functionality.  

It belongs to Nintendo, yeah. But the idea is great no? let me know ^_^ please.

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