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I definitely had a similar issue(windows 7, gtx 970 on driver, intel 2600k cpu, 16G ram), but noticed it from afar, interestingly... with a similarly colored planet (sorry, first shot was during a storm)



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Hey there,


today after I played the game for around 6 Hours on the same save it seems like the tundra planet didn't load as it should be, just look at the images (spoiler container).


I quit and reopen the game after landing on the earth like planet. The problem is gone now. I don't know what happend here.

I don't know if you can land on the "broken" planet, sadly i didn't try it, sorry.


The last Save was on the tundra planet with a small base on it. If you need any debug files just ask.

Hopefully the information is some kind of useful.


Thanks for making this awesome game and keep up the good work

Kind regards







Edit 1: Putted the images into a spoiler container. Added quastes to the topic.

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So I've noticed a planet in orbit that is split into 4 pieces. When you go into space it's still in 4, however if you visit the planet it goes back to normal.

Then if you leave again it's back into four pieces..

Pics below...






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I looked into the sky, and I haven't gotten quite far into the game, but usually planets don't look like this:Untitled.png

Steam Version Pre-Alpha Build

AMD 6300
16gb RAM
Nvidia 750Ti
Windows 10

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The giant non-planet/moon mass of polygons that we all see in the distance seems to make the framerate drop significantly just by having it in view. It's most noticeable while in the space view, but even viewing it from a planet surface does the same thing. I'm running the beta branch of the game, but this was a problem in other versions as well.

Attached image shows the mass just below the green planet. Notice my FPS in the top left corner, which is usually around 30 in this view.


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Logged into my save to start some more Astroneer and some of my planet is cracked in places and you can see underneath if I get stuck in it I have to relog as there is no escape you just run in mid air.


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Hello fellow Astroneers,
with the new release i often encounter graphical / terrain generation bugs.
Already formed terrain is not loading properly on many different places. I also can walk within the not displayed area.
And my base has become pretty dark. The not generated surface only generates when i apply an action with the terraforming tool to it.
Best regards








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I had a couple of screenshots of this, somebody said that it looked like it got fixed cause they didn't see it again but I've just seen it happen again when I took off.


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Hello. In experimental patch(beta) after Save game (back to menu) and reload this save, my char spawn in the ground. Next issue its random Freezes.  When i back to stable patch spawn is normal but freezes still. 


Gtx 950


Win 10

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