[Keyboard] BÉPO keyboard problem

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Platform : windows 10 (steam)

Issue (bug) : I use a bépo keyboard (equivalent to Dvorak), I have configure the key in option, « é » for up, « i » for right, « u » for down and « a » for left but when I walk and I tipe the key « i » (for right), it's open my backpack in addition to going to right. When I drive, it work fine.




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I have a similar problem: Because I am left-handed I would like to use IJKL instead of WASD for movement, however the 'i' - key always opens the backpack when pressed and this cannot be configured in the controls options (it also opens the backpack when the game is configured to use WASD for movement and Q to open the backpack).

I use a QWERTY keyboard, so this has nothing to do with the keyboard layout.

Devs, can you please make the 'i' - key configurable in the controls options like the other input bindings? I think this would solve both our problems.


Green Lightning

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