Complete materials falling through ground

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Keyboard/Mouse, Steam.

I'm having an issue where my fully collected materials may fall through the ground and completely dissapear. I've had two instances where this has happened so far.

1) When removing a material from a slot on my base i let go of the material and it fell through the floor.
2) I had a full backpack and as i completed the collection of a material, my terrain tool ejected the material onto the ground but instead the material fell through the floor.

I have tried "digging" into the ground to find it but i suppose that it just falls through the entire map or it may land in a lower cavern somewhere.

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Yeh I've done this as well, if the resource passes through the terrain when released it doesn't pop on top, it just falls through map.

Same with deformer, if rear of gun is underground, resources fall into map, not onto it.

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