Lens Flare - Am I the ONLY one with this problem?


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I am having a horrible graphics effect - a Lens Flare, if you will, with any reflective surface - another person's helmet, a solar panel, even some plants - where there are giant white lens flares that obscure my entire game and make it impossible for me to use anything (because I can't see where to click) or see what's in my backpack. So far I have just worked around it, by adjusting the game's camera with Right Click-drag, but it is increasingly frustrating. Tonight while playing with a friend, I was complaining constantly about the 'Flare' being in the way. Finally we realized he did not have this issue. We both stood in the same spot, and took screenshots - he does NOT have this effect, at all. 

A.) Does anyone else have this issue? 

B.) Does anyone know how to solve it? (There is nothing in graphics settings that affects it) 

Also: LOVE THIS GAME! It is incredibly stable for a pre-Alpha! 

Lens Flare.jpg

Lens Flare2.jpg

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Have you tried updating your graphics drivers? Because it seems it's not rendering them transparent, which is what they should be.
Your friend would have had flares as well, but very transparent ones, which are visible, but nowhere near as bright or even as white as yours. :)

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I had the same problem after playing for a long period of time (more than 2 hours). I was looking for a screenshot on top of a mountain, looking at the sun and around, which is how it started for me.

Restarting the game made it go away.

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nVidia driver is the latest. GTX 1070. It does appear after restarting, it went away for a time, but now after another 5 hours it is back, so @Sirdec seems to have also experienced this, and possibly related to something about having the game running for a while? Really hope it is resolved, it's quite aggravating! (But I still love this game! ) 

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Made an account to report this as well.

When I played solo (about 4 consecutive hours) I don't recall encountering this problem.

When playing with a friend (I am hosting) This problem usually will happen 5 minutes in regardless of area. Eventually (always around 1 hour it seems) the graphics seem to crash (no Window's notification saying a driver has crashed) and everything goes black. I can still pull up the menu and my friend can still play normally.

Thought it was my graphics card so I updated the drivers but still have the same experience as before updating.

In the meantime, is there a way to disable lens flare?


  • Windows 10 64-bit, OS build 16299.192
  • I5-4690K
  • GTX 970, Driver version 390.65
  • 8GB ram

All running stock values





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