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Some ideas about crafting and stuff !!!!

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First of all I had to say that even now the game is great, but we have to be honest : in a few hours we have seen 90% of the game.
As you will see I think that the principal lack of this game is the number of craftable objects. Why ? Because we have all the vehicules/items in just a few hours.

So here what my friend and I were thinking about :

- More ressources !!! It's too easy to craft a spaceship
- Extremely rare ressources only available on other planets !
- Alloys
- More machinery, to extract more ore or to build a house and all the inside of the house, like a bed, a computer or whatever you could need in it.
- Intermediary machinery to build some parts of the spaceship that you need to assemble later with the vehicule platform

- The possibility to destroy platforms

- Some lasers ! What for ? I don't know but lasers are always cool

- The possibility to launch small satellites into orbit
- A station in orbit where we could live, craft and go outside of the station to bring some new modules to the station
- The station could be the only way to do some research, because we need to be into the void or something like that.

About the difficulty :
- I think that rare ressources should be hard to get, either defended by creatures to beat or because they are hard to find.

Anyway the game has take a good start and has a huge potential, keep going guys !

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