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Due to the way the camera and cursor is operated with the cursor, implementing a component lock will be very helpful for the player in order to avoid picking up the wrong components.

Ex. Lets say I'm trying to create a 1-seat on the printer and I'm trying to place the compound on the left slot. On the left slot of the machine I also have a solar panel to power up the machine. I'm struggling to put the compound in the machine because everytime I try to pick it up, it picks up the solar panel instead, or it even snaps towards the other side and grabs the other panel.

With the component lock, you could set down a solar panel or whatever component it may be and a lock button will display in the air. Upon locking, the component, the lock button will turn grey and it will display that its locked. It will be sealed in its place and it will be unable to be messed with. If you want to remove the lock, you simply hover the cursor on the lock and hold RT for 5 seconds (or 3). This will the remove the lock and change the display color back to orange indicating that you have removed the lock.

-Thank you for you time.

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