Space Station - If one thing was added to the game, I hope it would be this.

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Build-able Space Station. It would be assembled in space and the parts would be built on the surface via vehicle bay and new means of hauling large objects for the Spaceship, like a cargo hold. The space station would consist of different parts that would need to first be researched. For instance, Space station habitat, space station solar panel, space station thrusters, space station construction pad. Each part would consist of large studs to link them together so many different variations of space stations could be built. Different parts could have more studs to add things like storage, docking, and even the necessities, like the printer, the smelter, the research bay, etc. 
as for navigating and operation of the space station you would simply float around it via tether. (It would also be cool if the parts of the space station looked reminiscent of the crashed space junk found on planets, like the giant solar).

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Not sure how easy it would be for the developers to add this to the game without it being a mega-restrictive experience (like how traveling via shuttle / spaceship currently is). It sounds cool, but would probably be a lot less fun than you're thinking. We aren't able to pilot our spaceships in space, which is something I really wanna be able to do in Astroneer one day. You probably really wouldn't have much freedom of how your base was positioned and placed in space. 

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