New icons for Beacon markers

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When placing beacons, it would be handy if we could pick from a list of icons to define the reason the beacon exists instead of them all just showing a blue symbol with dots.

If I'm out in a remote area and find a bunch of deposits, but my storage is full, I will drop a beacon so I can come back to it. If I've traveled too far from home to get to that spot, I may even drop beacons along the way making a "road". The difficulty is when trying to discern which beacon in the distance to aim for when you've got a lot of them lying about.

So maybe some basic icon changes for the beacons or at the very least a color shift the background.

  • Dots: default beacon marker icon.
  • Shovel: Could help manage places you want to mine for resources
  • Binoculars: Explore this area later.
  • Road: (two solid lines on a shifted perspective with a dashed line down the middle) Use this for marking major roads that you travel.
  • Pick Ax: Could help mark a cave for later digging.
  • Skull: Danger Will Robinson!
  • Asterisks: Something special here.
  • Letters A-Z: For whatever you want. Drop 8 beacons in a row to spell out "Pizzeria" if you happen to stumble over some good pizza in a random cave somewhere. ;)

Then have like 5 to 7 different background colors so people can mix and match their own setups. Use black and the Road icon for all their major highways and blue and the road icons for expeditions off the beaten path, etc.


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I would give this thread a like (if the forum has one)

I love the idea of configuring beacon markers, makes navigation a little bit easier. Though I don't agree for a letter based beacon, might ruin the overall atmostphere

Additional suggestion of mine

  • Different sets of dots, for marking number like 1 dots, 2 dots, 3 dots... (should appear like a dice)
  • Different shape of beacon for vehicle each for ROVER and SPACESHIP
  • Changing the background color of the beacon 

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Voting for this type of idea each time I see it! I would also like to see choices of colours to differentiate different roads/routes and numbers to indicate position within them.

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