Camera bug, potential module extensions bug & a little feedback


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Ninja edit: Apparently ctrl+enter automatically sends the post. Oops! Sorry, i'm gonna edit this! Gimme a sec, sorry, sorry ^-^;

Hello, devs of Astroneer(s). You're creating something awesome! It's been a long time since last I found the logic behind basic game mechanics so instantly intuitive, within the first two minutes I felt comfortable and at home playing the game. Congrats, you've done a great job there! I only hope you guys can keep holding up that excellent standard of quality. The fast launch into creating a new game and the speed at which the player gains full control is absolutely sublime, and I urge you guys to keep this in as it's sure to be a winning formula amongst players. I cannot speak highly enough of the game at this stage, given it's in such an early state of development. Again, my sincere congratulations on a job well done.

That now said, I shall move on to the bugs I have found with the current version. Hopefully these will prove useful or confirm other player's issues:

System: Windows 7, Steam version, with a 4GHz quadcore Intel processor and AMD R9 270x GPU.

Game-breaking Bug with camera controls (Steam in-home streaming only):
Whilst playing the game remotely with Steam In-home Streaming from one computer to another, right-click-drag is ultra-sensitive, exponentially/logarithmically so. Move the mouse a tiny bit, slowly, and it barely moves; a little more or faster, and it accelerates into mad maniacal spinning. Fast and small swipes, as if pretending one is swiping to unlock their phone, are more effective, but it's really darn annoying. This bug does not occur when using a mouse connected to the host machine, only when using a remote PC's mouse. This means it may be a difficult issue to fix, but I have great faith in your abilities. Good luck.

Large gameplay issue: Newly extended modules may block other buildings' power connections or cover them with terrain, making it impossible to use them and sometimes requiring a new save file, losing all your hard won progress. A few suggestions to fix this behaviour are outlined below.
1. Allow buildings and extended conduits to be retracted or moved or rotated, both in height and direction.
2. Have all extentions and buildings remain on the exact same vertical height as all other modules, regardless of surrounding terrain
3. Check for and restrict building in areas which may block generators/power connectors/other attachments.

--> Important control options which should be experimented with or added, in order of personal preference from most to least important: 
    - Mouse acceleration toggle, linear movement OR acceleration (I absolutely detest mouse acceleration, I loathe it with every fibre of my being. I am not alone.)
    - Horizontal camera invert (If you have an option to invert the Y-axis, you must also include an option for the X-axis.)
    - Mouse/camera sensitivity slider (For PC gamers, this is vital.)
    - Camera controls re-binder, allowing binary keyboard control of camera (This is a personal preference. It is of low priority.)
    - Toggle for camera moving when mouse hits edge of screen (This is a personal preference. It is of low priority.)
    - Camera height slider (This is distinct from camera zoom, and a personal preference.)

--> Why is there no dedicated 'quit' or 'options' button on the main menu? Players should not have to alt-f4 or load/start a game to quit.
--> Why are there no options to change graphical settings beyond view distance, resolution and vsync? For example, antialiasing, filters, and Field of View. These are all vital necessities for a modern PC game, and i'm sure that our friends on console will appreciate some of these too.
--> Why is there no option to delete saves on the main menu? If one exists, is it clear enough to players?
--> Why can we not name or add a personal identifier to saves when using multiple save files? The current implementation seems to require players to memorise the time they last saved the file they wish to load, and *guess* which of the saves they want to load. 

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Apologies again for the bumbling idiocy of my post. I am aware that this should be split into 2 posts, one bug post for here, one suggestions/feedback post for the feedback forum area. Please advise me on the best course of action to correct my mistake.


Truly I have earned the rank 'Newbie'. Sorry guys! ^^; 

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Following for experience the first issue as well: "right-click-drag is ultra-sensitive". As much as I want to play this game, this issue makes it nearly un-playable. Infuriating at the least.

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Can confirm this is related to Steam Link. Same PC, same keyboard and mouse (but plugged directly to the PC) and the right-click view behaves sensibly.

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I have worked around this by opening the tool (E-key) and rotating the view by edge scrolling.

Not that this is any way easy or convenient. It is a real bummer that right mouse button works so awkwardly. The issue can also be repeated by using a remote computer with remote desktop like chrome remote desktop.


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