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Enhanced [Jet]Pack and HUD Ideas

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I have been considering ideas for Astroneer instantly after installing the Pre-Alpha Version (Xbox One and my PC). My ideas are simple, but would enhance the game.

  ---  My main idea, coming straight to the point, is a way to improve the character's pack. Maybe have a small amount of upwards boost if you add some tool made from copper or compound. I know this would be a little easy to create, so if the player could use hydrazine to fuel the "jet"pack this would . I believe that this will help from early-game to end-game. It can help climb mountains, or slow down your falling speed. This is just a draft of my idea, so contact me if you [SystemEra] wish for me to assist anyway I can to play-test the item.

  ---  As I have noticed, and so have many of my friends, checking your health or checking your oxygen and your power supplies from a bar within your HUD. A health bar seems unnecessary, but if an update plans on adding hostile creatures it should be included. Including the amount of power/O2  supplies in your inventory would also be a great help. This idea has probably been created in multiple threads before, but I could not find one.

Thank you System Era for creating this great game, and I hope I have assisted your team with new ideas.

Please feel free to comment of message on this thread to ask me about my thoughts. Thanks again, Brycen The G


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