Random assortment of ideas that could improve the game.

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I've been waiting for a game of this sort for years, and now it's finally on it's way. 

I love this game. It has a lot of potential. 

I just wanted to share a few ideas I had of mine that I feel may widen the game's horizon.

More survivability, as in more hazards. Maybe more lethal weather patterns anyone? Tornadoes, lightning, Acid rain (meteor showers would be fun). 

Build-able Space Station. It would be assembled in space and the parts would be built on the surface via vehicle bay and new means of hauling large objects for the Spaceship, like a cargo hold. The space station would consist of different parts that would need to first be researched. For instance, Space station habitat, space station solar panel, space station thrusters, space station construction pad. Each part would consist of large studs to link them together so many different variations of space stations could be built. Different parts could have more studs to add things like storage, docking, and even the necessities, like the printer, the smelter, the research bay, etc. 
as for navigating and operation of the space station you would simply float around it via tether. (It would also be cool if the parts of the space station looked reminiscent of the crashed space junk found on planets, like the giant solar).

Dome: a very large bubble like object that could be built on a resin pad that would inflate/deflate and could cover your entire base. In the dome the Astroneer could breathe freely, as well as be protected from the elements while hindering the usefulness of wind turbines inside the dome.

Airborne surveillance vehicle. A small vehicle that could be flown using hydrazine for rapid transportation of personnel and cargo.

And finally the ability to take large objects (printer, fuel condenser, vehicle bay, etc.) off of resin pads to rearrange them as needed (or even better put them on the cargo hold on the spaceship, where it could be taken to the space station and be used via space station).

Tell me what you think. This is what I hope SystemEra will do. What do you want to see implemented into astroneer?

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I think there should be a need for food and water as well as a health bar. There should also be a garden to grow food and maybe a way to produce water. I think water should be held in large water tanks at your base and you could ether carry bottles of water with you or have a rechargeable water tank on your pack. It would be cool to have alien animals that you could tame using food and use them for different purposes or be able to hunt them with different weapons to use them as a source of meat.

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9 hours ago, BoxterMaiti said:

Brilliant ideas. I love them. I would also love to be able to sleep at night, so you can fast forward to daytime, but maybe that's just me :D

Can't tell you how many times I've had the same thought - or said to myself, "Does the night really last forever on this planet?!" haha

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