Habitats/Base Building is broken in co-op (While on other planets)

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Playing on PC - Steam

Playing in Co-op, built a full base on Terran home planet, fly off to Tundra and have host place the habitat. It lets me actually set it, but I couldn't move the habitat itself [This habitat bug will happen with pretty much anything that any co-op player creates in the world, if they log off and come back into the same world, they will not be able to manipulate any habitats, seats, etc.]). Only allowing me to "activate" it to start building. Once this is done, any base building henceforth on this new planet on a player built habitat is completely non-existent for the co-op player. 

It does not terraform land to spawn in new stations (smelter, trader, etc.), you can not add any new connectors and on the rare occasion you see a hologram of one indicating you can build something, it will dissapear when activated by either player, and you can not see anything placed on the connectors between platforms or the platforms themselves. 

Note: Everything will appear just fine and dandy for the host player, but any co-op companions will be the ones that witness this bug. 

Very odd bug, makes it close to impossible to build a base on another planet with a buddy and actually enjoy the experience. Hopefully gets fixed soon :) Good work so far guys. 

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