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Are the graphics that are supported by the game ever going to expand to cooperate with the s****y laptop GPUs? Because I absolutely love this game and would love to play it but i can no because it is a laptop mobile type card and the requirements say non-mobile type. Right now my current graphics are left with a constant green tent and makes it hard to see anything on top of the lag that i suffer. I am using a Lenovo T-500 with a mobile intel chipset GPU

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Yeah I have the same request. I'm on a macbook pro with an intel HD 4000 GPU. Everything looks right but the framerate is around 5 fps.

At least, If we could disable all the unnecessary video effects, like camera motion blur, shadows, various lighting stuff, and the usual antialiasing etc., it would improve a lot.

Currently the main performance issue for machines matching the requirements specs is that after a few hours of play The framerate drops because of the accumulation of objects the user interacts with. It seems to be a CPU issue more than GPU though. Because in my case the framerate stays more or less constant in time because my CPU matches the requirements but the bottleneck is the GPU from start.

Anyway. Great game. I find myself watching others playing on youtube instead of me playing it. Very frustrating...

If there is a way to deactivate graphic stuff by manipulating game files or tinkering with an hex editor, I'm interested :)

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