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General list of found bugs:

  • Solar's sometimes split and look funky when rolling a rover or truck
  • Characters fall through the earth when building on yourself or when spawning from a spaceship
  • The spaceship only deploys its cables and add-ons once then no longer works and will not reconnect to anything (conditions for this glitch unknown)
  • After traveling and making homes on other planets, the star map shows random broken locations around the current planet off in space
  • The small plant life on the surface of Exotic acts like tethers or Tundras ice spikes causing vehicles to not be able to move anywhere halting most paths completely
  • Sometimes see cracks on the planet surface where the caves are close to the top making it seem like the ground is paper thin
  • wench does not work at all for anything it is completely useless
  • putting a habitat on a truck/rover makes it twig out and sometimes float in the air (specifically on the trucks/rover storage add on back left or right side)
  • spaceship/shuttle landing and taking off icon has a small black dot above it only visible when looking at a bright planet
  • sand storms rocks go through walls you build up to protect yourself (just the animation on some rocks)
  • After being killed twice the first deaths players pack disappears making it hard to find and the items float (can still get the items back though)
  • The generators, solar panels, and wind generators don't always give power to all the add-ons (most noticed to the smelter)     


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