Everytime I feel like I'm doing well and loving this game a glitch shows up and punches me in the dick

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If I or another very expensive vehicle randomly plunges to the core of a planet through solid rock again I'm going to have to uninstall this game and forget it exists for a a few months. Please tell me they're close to fixing this! My latest loss was two tethered trucks with a one seat, a solar panel, a crane, a drill bit, and two large storage on which was a total of six storage and two fully charged batteries. This thing was a planet destroyer but it is now lost to the planet itself. I get it, its a pre-alpha so its going to be full of bugs but man, this is ridiculous.

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it is possible to retrieve. Its not easy though. Best recommendation is to dig down from your truck's last known position, find the trucks, they will be a bit of a ways down in a cave. Then build a way out. Best advice is to use the flattening function of the deformer to create a ramp. That should get your trucks back within a relative hour or so.

To avoid this bug try parking your vehicles over base structures that are not in use. The black rock underneath them renders alongside the base structures, which have priority over anything else. This should prevent your vehicles from falling through the surface.

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On 1/9/2017 at 1:47 PM, SES_Adam said:

Bring in physics freeze distance by a bit, reducing incidence of cases where objects fall through ground. (More improvements incoming).

That's taken from the most recent patch notes. Have faith!

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