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not charging Station Modules

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As I was building my base outwards, i found that one of the station modules (a vehicle bay) was not charging through my central battery(ies) and that no solar panels, wind turbines, or any other power-supplying device would charge it if not directly connected to it. They could not be, for example, on the other side of my base, or on a connected truck/rover, and receive power through the base wires. Soon, i found that the problem had spread to my other modules! I restarted my game, and then all modules but the original one had the problem gone.


PS: while on the topic of vehicle bays, it would be nice to make one unaccessable if a spacecraft had landed in it already, as i find my spacecraft constantly glitching into, through, around, and under each other while in the same bay after landing accidentally.

Thank you for your time,


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