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Be sure to check our discord server as well!
discord.gg/astroneer #player_search

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Platform(s): Xbox1 Dominican Bred
Location: US West
Language(s): English
Microphone: Yes
Looking for: Exploration of any kind
Can play from: Anytime!!!
Can host: Yes
Comment:  I am in pretty far in my game and now I'm only one planet away from completing the game. I want to prepare to acrivate the engine and other side stuff before then. I have finished the wanderer update as of yesterday. So I'm open to helping or you joining me. Just let me know!!!


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Platform: Xbox

Location: Wisconsin, USA

Languages: English

Microphone: Through Xbox, if so, try and keep the harsh verbal words down.

Looking For: 1-2 Players
Can play from: 800-1000 on Saturdays and Sundays

Can host: Yes

Comment: You can email me at paul.schwarz06@icloud.com 

About me: 16 yr old from America

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