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We now have specific sections/categories for announcements (and one for forum rules) as well as specific rules for our forums (be sure to read them)! Those things will be mainly maintained by us moderators. We hope that this will make it easier for dedicated forum users to not miss any updates/blog posts and, regarding the rules, to know what's fine to do here and what not.

We have 1 announcement section per category right now

The one within "Information" will be used for:

  • Post like this one (so basically to inform you about changes regarding the forums)

The one within "Astroneer - Early Access + Game Preview" will be used for:

  • Blog posts
  • (Community) events regarding Astroneer

And finally the announcements in "System Era" will be used for:

  • Various things regarding System Era itself (e.g. the recent job listings)


Announcement threads will stay open until a new one comes up, so feel free to post your thoughts below (Edit: it seems that people currently cannot post here, I'll look into that)!

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10 hours ago, ♥Hentai♥ Fap in the Dark said:

A section where new users can introduce themselves and feel more a part of the community would be neat i think.

I can already say we won't have sections for such "off topic" things, but I will create a megathread for that!

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