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Welcome to the forums of System Era, the creators of Astroneer! We’re happy that you’re here and hope you help us to grow this community, to shape the game and to make Astroneer and it’s community something unique, something that everyone, young or old, can be happy with! Discuss, share, question and celebrate Astroneer, but do mind the following rules so that no one will stray from the right path:

1. Be Nice!

Treat other members with respect, just like you want them to treat you. We're all here to help System Era developing Astroneer, not to make other people uncomfortable.


  • 1.1. Personal attacks against fellow forum members or staff members are unacceptable. We want everyone to feel safe and sound here. Any kind of derogatory terms should stay out of those forums.

  • 1.2. Never post personal information (email addresses, profiles on other websites, telephone numbers or similar) of other members.

  • 1.3. Respect the opinion of others, do not try to force your own onto them.


2. Keep It Clean!

We want the forums to be a place for everyone. Racist, sexist, homophobic, disability-based or similar offensive posts as well as pornography and posts containing nudity will be removed or edited accordingly. This also includes discussions about drugs and illicit substances in general.


  • 2.1. Excessive cursing and foul language is something we don’t like to see. Everyone slips a word every now and then, but don’t let it get out of hand.

  • 2.2. Your profile is not considered a rule-free area. If your username has been deemed inappropriate, you will be asked to state an alternative name in order to have it changed, otherwise it will be replaced with a name of our choice. Inappropriate avatars, profile covers and “About Me” content will be removed right away and the user will be notified.


3. Contribute!

We're all here to give feedback on Astroneer and help to improve the final outcome. After all even the best developer cannot think of everything or notice every single bug. That's where we as community can become involved. Our ideas, reports and your feedback in general

help to shape the game, to make it better than anyone could have imagined!


  • 3.1. Refrain from stating rumors, false information, personal opinions and similar things as facts. If you want to share your thoughts, but be sure you're not phrasing them in a way that makes them look like definite facts, to be absolutely sure note when you're not sure about it or that it's just a rumor.

  • 3.2. Negative feedback about Astroneer is absolutely fine and helps to improve the game. But please do not mix up throwing a tantrum with giving feedback. That won’t help anyone. Game-bugs do not destroy lives after all. They’re just bothersome.


4. Stay On Topic!

Stick with the topic given by the thread creator and, if you're creating the thread, stick with the topic given by the section/category you're posting in. E.g. "How do I expand my base?" Does not fit into the section for bug reports, but the help section.


  • 4.1. Posts that contribute absolutely nothing to the topic will be hidden. Excessive off-topic posting will be moderated accordingly.

  • 4.2. Threads that have been found to be significantly derailed from their original topic will be closed down.

  • 4.3. Discussions about religions, politics, races and related topics are asked to be refrained from. They contribute nothing to the game's development but tend to turn into dramas.


5. Trolling Is Forbidden!

Refrain from posting messages that intend to get the attention of others and urge them to reply to them in a negative manner. Such things, whether meant to be harmless or not, only damage the community and do not contribute to the development of Astroneer at all.


  • 5.1. Avatars, profile covers or “About Me” content that intends to insult, bait, ridicule or mess with other users in any way is forbidden and will be removed. If this happens to apply to your username, your account will be seen as troll-account and permanently banned.

  • Repetitive violations of this rule will result in losing access to changing your avatar or profile cover.

  • 5.2. Do not start jokes at the expense of other members. Copying profiles is also absolutely forbidden.

  • 5.3. Refrain from creating threads that pick on controversial topics for the sake of creating an argument. Such threads will be closely monitored or, if we think the creator intends harm, be closed down right away.
    E.g. "PvP doesn't suit Astroneer and will only invite losers"

  • 5.4. Impersonating a moderator or an employee of System Era is reason for an immediate permanent ban.
    Note: Only developers carry the "SES_" tag and any staff member/volunteer moderator will carry a role that distinguishes them from normal users.

  • 5.5. Removing changes to your post made by a moderator is forbidden (assuming a change happens within 5 minutes after the post has been created, since you are not able to edit your post past this point).

  • 5.6. Mind that the color red is used to announce moderation actions. Do not use this color for whole posts (or at all).


6. Keep Spam, Ads And Piracy Out!

Contribute to the community, to the topic. Do not repeat the same messages over and over.


  • 6.1. Repeating posts with the same content is not allowed. The point at which it's being considered spam lies at the discretion of the moderators.

  • 6.2. "Bumping" threads is forbidden. This also goes for reviving very old threads (necro'ing). If your discussion cannot find contributors, then leave it at that. Don't try to forcefully make it popular.

  • 6.3. Refrain from adding any kind of secret code or language in your posts. Post that cannot be identified as legit posts will be considered spam.

  • 6.4. It is forbidden to ask for money, donations, game-keys or similar things. This includes (soft) begging.
    E.g. posts such as “My friend would love to play Astroneer but he has no money, so it’d be awesome if someone could help him out!” is forbidden.

  • 6.5. While they are not generally forbidden (as long as they’re not implying anything that’s violating the rules), we’d like you to refrain from posting memes, as they do not contribute to any topics.

  • 6.6. Posts have to be written and formatted in an acceptable and readable manner. E.g. “tHiS iS 4N 3X4mPle” is not how you should make your posts look like and will be considered spam.

  • 6.7. Creating empty posts as well as the excessive use of spaces to lengthen your post is not allowed.

  • 6.8. The excessive use of emoticons and pictures that cause a lot of traffic are not permitted. For screenshot and art threads, please use the spoiler function to not flood users with data.

  • 6.9. Do not advertise your channel, website or anything else. You can create a dedicated thread for your Astroneer series, but please contact a moderator beforehand to ask for permission.

  • 6.10. Talking about other games or using them as reference is not being considered advertisement. However, urging others to purchase any products aside from Astroneer is.

  • 6.11. Discussing or advocating piracy, no matter what it’s about, is absolutely forbidden . We understand if circumstances may force you to resort to such things, but please keep this for yourself. We do not wish to associate ourselves with that.

  • 6.12. The rules above also apply to your profile and related content.


7. Multi-Accounts Are Not Permitted!

There’s simply no need for you to have more than one account on the forums.


  • 7.1. If an alt-account is being discovered, the users will be asked which account they want to keep. The other account will be permanently banned.

  • 7.2. If you are sharing an IP with friends, family members or anyone else be sure to notify the moderation about that (assuming other people in your network are also using the forums). Otherwise their accounts (or yours) may be seen as alt-accounts.

  • 7.3. You must not use an alt-account to get around ban. Doing so results in having your accounts being permanently banned.

  • 7.4. Refrain from posting on behalf of banned accounts. Actions will be taken against the account used to post.


8. Never Abuse The Report Function!

The report function serves to forward posts that are not in alignment with the rules. Alternatively it's also handy to highlight threads that were posted in the wrong section or to ask for your own thread to be closed or, in special cases, hidden. Please always provide an accurate description of what rules the post you are reporting is breaking. Keep in mind that a post is not breaking any rules just because you disagree with it. Use this function with care, as abusing it will make it harder for moderators to execute their tasks, which eventually will result in having restrictions imposed onto your account.


  • 8.1. Mind that the report function is not a tool for you to bring the moderators on your side. Engaging posts that you have reported (that includes leaving comments such as "reported") can be seen as abuse of said function and we highly advise against doing so.

  • 8.2. The moderation team is taking the rules and circumstances into account, not who is right and who not.

  • 8.3. Do mind that the comment you can send along with a report also counts as post and has to adhere to the rules.


9. Moderation Actions Are No Matter Of Public Discussion!

For the sake of everyone and the forums do not discuss actions taken by moderators or administrators in the public.


  • 9.1. Threads about such topics will be closed down or hidden and the creator will be moderated accordingly.

  • 9.2. Arguing with moderators or administrators about moderation actions in the public is generally forbidden. Oblique and passive-aggressive reference is also considered arguing. If you have an issue with a decision, please convey it through a PM in a proper manner.

  • 9.3. If a moderator has announced a moderation action in a thread, move on, do not comment on it in any way. Such posts will be deleted without notice (or edited if it continues the topic).

  • 9.4. If you notice a post is violating the rules, report it and move on. Engaging posts that are subjects to be moderated (e.g. thread in the wrong section) to point out they are breaking the rules can be considered backseat-moderation and is strictly forbidden. Creating posts in which you recite the rules, ask for the thread to be locked or deem it spam etc. will be considered backseat-moderation for certain and are not permitted.

  • 9.5. If an user with an inappropriate username, avatar, profile cover or “About me” content is found, please contact a moderator through the private message system.


10. No Rules Are Without Holes

Of course we cannot dictate every single detail about how all of your posts are supposed to be, that’s simply impossible and there’s always someone who finds a gap to troll without technically breaking the rules. However:


  • 10.1. Be aware that the moderation team consists of thinking human beings and we’re also community members just like you. If you try to get around the rules, you’ll be moderated accordingly. But this also means that the actions taken may not be absolutely consistent from case to case. For example a moderator may just hide/remove a post that’s violating the rules in a minor way without a notice while another one may ask you to refrain from doing this again. If you notice one of your posts has vanished, be wary.

  • 10.2. Cases involving trying to bypass the rules are at the discretion of the moderators and may result in an immediate ban without warning.

  • 10.3. Just because someone else did it doesn’t mean it’s fine for you to do as well. It goes without saying that excuses like that carry no value, if anything they can make your situation worse.

  • 10.4. We reserve the right to adjust and improve our rules at any time. Major changes will be announced.



Use common sense.

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While it's not an actual rule, I'd like to mention that the language used around here is English. The developers as well as we moderators speak English (well, I also speak German, but that's another thing), thus it's highly appreciated if any content posted here is being posted in English. Basically everything else would go through a translation tool which may not be accurate. For the sake of convenience, if you are not capable of the English language, at very least let it go through a translation tool and post that result along with your original text.

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