vehicle -> base connection bug

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i have noticed that if you have anything connected to the front node on a  smelter or research module, or any station,  such as a solar panel or even power pellets or other collected resources. when you drive a vehicle past and it connects to the base unit with that "ghost" connector (showing a possible connection)  the solar panel or collected resource "pops" off onto the ground,  this also happens if you have a connected resource / power module connected to the "nodes" on the vehicles too  so on a truck if you have a research item connected to the large node on the front of the vehicle, it pops off when a "ghost" connector appears.  having something connected to the node, I feel should deactivate the "connecting" function.


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36 minutes ago, Bluegreenash said:

It is programmed behaviour, not a bug, but possibly the programmed behaviour should be changed, because it is annoying.

agreed, they should only do it when you actually connect the modules


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more detail
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