Compass Markers?


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The hovering icons for the home base and vehicles are very helpful in locating your base and such. However, if you travel too far away and the icon disappears over the horizon you don't have a clear indication of the general direction you need to head to make it home. I suppose you could make a mental note of the terrain and outlying mountains and such but they can be hard to distinguish from one another at times, especially at a considerable distance. A simple fix or rather addition would be to have a small icon on the compass that appears when hovering the cursor over your astroneer. At least for the home base or habitat closest to you. I had an unfortunate turn of events on the Barren moon where i lost my base over the horizon and was doomed to wander the moon in my buggy. I did find out that the planets have north and south poles through this so thats pretty cool i guess lol. Keep up the good work!

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