Stuck in Habitat / home and can't get out.

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I accidentally made a second habitat but when I tabbed into it to save my game, I now can't get out of it and my world is redundant. 


Plz help



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You should make a new thread perhaps. This was started back in 2017 when the game had just released the month prior. The “habitat bug” they’re taking about is no longer an issue. I’m sorry I can’t help you with your issue, but bumping a post over a year old probably won’t help you nearly as much as creating your own bug report (also include as much detail about your game including the problem you’re experiencing and under what circumstances you’ve encountered this problem, your platform such as Xbox or PC and if PC what your specs are, that sort of stuff as described in this section about “how to file a bug report”). I do hope you get some answers though, good luck! :) 

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