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  1. First off I just want to say that the two things I love most about your game is its zen nature and the feeling of discovery from your research feature. My idea is something that builds upon what you have already brilliantly crafted and hopefully will increase the longevity in gameplay while preserving these two aspects. I have noticed that as you play through and explore new planets the threat level to your person increases via environmental hardship. My idea expands upon this threat level increase while utilizing features that already exist in game. The idea is this: diseases and ailments that hinder your health and performance but that can be cured through research. I LOVE the research feature. It is the most satisfying aspect of your game. However, at a certain point you have discovered all the things you can construct through researching and it ceases being utilized. What if you move out to the next satellite in the system and start feeling the effects of the sun or get slowed by a bacteria in the air? You can continue to use the research feature but instead of using it to construct a new ship type you use it on the plant life to find cures to debilitating ailments suffered in a new environments. Here is my idea - Using research to find cures for ailments that you encounter as you venture out past Terran. A standard has already been implemented where the difficulty level increases slightly as you move out among satellite planets. My idea adds flavor to the difficulty while utilizing features that already exist. They can also be impacted by environmental circumstances. Sun sickness: A type of dehydration which weakens the astroneers health level and makes them more susceptible to taking damage. Instead of a "fatigue bar" being added to the UI a simple triggered animation of the astroneer having to put his/her hands on their knees and "catch their breath" for a few seconds would suffice. (A very arid planet would have this ailment.) Moon Sickness: Being exposed to an increased rate of rotation would cause the astroneer to become motion sick which would cause a "dizzy spell" which could be again handled mechanically with a simple animation.(This could happen on a planet with a high rate of rotation). Star Sickness: Spending too much time away from sunlight will cause the astroneer to become lethargic or sleepy. The astroneer would become drowsy and tired which would slow their movement by taking away their ability to sprint.(This would be found on planets with thick atmosphere or periods of prolonged spelunking). Poison Bite/Sting: Poisoning from a plant sting or animal bite will cause the astroneer to suffer a muscular ailment which slows their movement. This would force the astroneer to have to take their time to perform actions ei. "Stop and smell the deadly spike plants" so to speak.(This could be found on any planet). Andromeda Strain: An airborne bacteria would cause increased damage and fatigue, only this time it can be staved off by sprinting. The Astroneer slows down and suffers fatigue and increased damage until he/she finds a cure.(This could be found on any planet) Oxygen Snatchers: The astroneer is exposed to spores that carry a bacteria which causes a type of Bradypnea. This would slow down the astroneers respiratory rate. Mechanically this would double the amount of oxygen the astroneer consumes. (This would be found on a planet with higher than average amount of plantlife). All of these ailments would be remedied by researching plantlife to find their cures. I know tracking plants was re engineered to increase performance but I was thinking that larger plants or clusters of plants could become the nodes that can be researched versus all plant life. Another option would be rare plants that are spawned sparingly. Love the game. Keep up the good work and I hope you like the idea!