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Found 12 results

  1. I was digging underground and trying to make a slide to the center of the earth when I decided to come back up. I had my zebra ball in a divot near where I was digging. I got up and may have dug a bit too close to my zebra ball, resulting in it disappearing off of the face of the earth. I was excited to move my zebra ball to a new cave shrine and post all about it on Reddit, but all I could think of when I re-surfaced with my ball nowhere to be found was Ze-bruh. Please help, it disappeared 3 days ago and I check all the surrounding mountains and underground to no avail. I need to find my lord and savior, my Zebro. I will be forever sad without this rare find that I found on the opposite end of the planet in the mountains before I even had a rover. Rest in peace, Zebra.
  2. When you have a zebra ball on the front or back of a rover and press c or v the game instantly crashes.
  3. Make a zebra ball that costs three zebra balls. ex: zebra ball+zebra ball+zebra ball = zebra ball It can only be crafted with the correct zebra balls
  4. I have seen screenshots of the new 1.0 zebra ball and I have two questions about it 1. Where can it be found? 2. Do the Chess Ball and Leopard Ball still exist?
  5. So, placing a zebra ball on the front of the rover with a drill is very bad idea. As soon as you attempt to turn on the drill, the game crashes. Logs.rar
  6. No I'm not suggesting guns. Well, not exactly. What about as an "endgame" reward, you have to collect a marble/zebra ball (whatever you want to call it) from every planet and place it on a pedestal (high research cost, rare materials to build) and upon doing this you receive a "golden gun", a skin for your excavator that turns it gold (or even a whole new outfit for customization) it could be a temporary thing, only usable on the save file you collected it for.
  7. I FOUND A RARE ZEBRA BALL ON MY SAVE OUT OF NOWHERE CAN SOMEONE CONFIRM MY FINDINGS!!!!! Streaming on twitch [Redacted] for proof Nevermind about the streaming now but if you need images I can provide more Got it clarified not rare
  8. Was having an issue with zebra ball zoning on the new update 201. If I had it in approximately 5 meters of another object it would only highlight the zebra ball even though I was hovering over a seat or thruster.
  9. So i noticed the zebra ball emmits a glow, so im thinking what if its sorta like the claw from toy story.. THEEEE CLAAAAWWWWW... but theres creatures deep below the surface in complete darkness and the zebra ball showed up one day and provided these little goblins with light, so they worship it, and if you take it theyll emerge and try taking it back, and if you follow them theyll lead you to their dark secret undergroung caves full of treasure or something, just an idea
  10. Rovers, goal zones, zebra ball, GO!
  11. When I landed on the tundra planet i found a strange glowing orb/ball with a striped black and white pattern on it. when I turned to the wiki and internet to find out what it was and what I could do with it I found an entire community centered around worshipping this thing! People were posting about how to please the zebra ball and how it has shown them the light, then I got consumed by all this and now I too am building monuments and structures for my zebra balls. I have two requests: either leave it featurless and let us continue worshipping it's uselessness, or build off of this new found religion/cult and add pedestals or some kind of power to it.
  12. Hello, So I looked around shortly and didn't notice anyone mention this. I had 2 truck hooked together with a moderately long cord. The first truck had a 3-seat (this is solo I just like symmetry), a wind turbine and one of the... hairy(?) research pods that you find under the exploding poisonous orange things. The second truck had 2 storage units on it, I was only able to fill up one unit with 3 hairy pods and one rock research pod. When I filled up the second unit with I believe 2 rock pods, 1 hairy pod, and one bubbly research pod it was fine. When I tried to drive away however the rear truck started pulling me back. Then it started flipping around, taking the other truck with it. I struggled for a while trying to get out of the cave I was in. The trucks only calmed down when I took the back 4 pods off. Eventually that didn't help either because I got stuck in a hole. Side note, I found this strange zebra stripped ball in the cave that I REALLY wanted to take back and research. I tried putting it on the truck and it immediately slowly pushed the truck up and away from the object's position, which was attached to the truck. Also the object shrunk to about the size of one of the knobs you can put items on when I put it on the storage unit, it settled between 2 of the 4 knobs on one side of the unit. I took the object off and put it a bit far away from myself then it disappeared when I came back. After all that I got frustrated and am now taking a break. Great game so far, thank you for the hard work.