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Found 10 results

  1. I think I have found a bug. I am on PC (Windows 7 64bit) and using the most up-to-date steam version of the game (0.5.1). If I start the game through steam while my Chrome browser (64.0.3282.167 64bit) is open and playing any Youtube video it automatically kills all sound on my computer. To fix this I have to close my browser and then close the game all the way to the desktop and then restart the game through steam and then start Youtube in my browser. If you need more information please let me know.
  2. Never thought to share this here but I have been doing a Lets Play of Astroneer for a little while now and wanted to share it with you all! I try to keep it completely family friendly so people can watch with their kids! New videos normally go up at 6 am every few days!
  3. Hey! I just started my YouTube account. I want to build it off of Astroneer gameplay. I would love a small community to interact with! If anybody is interested I will leave a link. Every video is just me talking about the games I play and enjoying them! Anybody to join my community is 100% welcome and appreciated!
  4. Hello! I think it would be a good idea to have an opportunity to create custom subtitles for your videos on System Era channel. For example, I need this option in order to create Russian subtitles because I believe it will help you to reach more people with your game.
  5. Hello, ladies and gentlemen. I just started an Astroneer series on my YouTube channel and I would love to hear from all of you. The first episode is right here, go check it out:
  6. Hey guys! TheHaggardNerd here! I've been doing Let's Plays on this game for a little while now... just never thought to share with you guys! If you like to spend time on Youtube, feel free to swing by! :-) My Channel: Patch 153 playlist here (updates on M/W/F/S) I upload many times throughout the week (almost daily) so make sure you subscribe if you want to stay updated on my releases. I hope to see you there!
  7. I have been waiting for an update like this for a while! I am so glad to be back into this wonderful game and can't wait to share my experience with everyone! New Series Starting: I am going to be exploring the changes in Patch 153 and getting a feel for how the game is now that the research mechanics have been changes and the general pace of progression has been slowed down. Playlist Part 1 - Astroneer Patch 153
  8. Hi guys, I have made this video for the italian comunity. Hope you like it. Have fun! Medulla out !
  9. All, Patch v1.131 is live! SES Announcement Apo and Bean Video
  10. Hey there everyone! My name is Ryan! I run the YouTube channel RYANT1UM and on it, I am currently playing Astroneer. I am in love with this game and want to share my journey with as many people as I can. So feel free to check out the new videos here and if you really enjoy them, think about liking and subscribing on YouTube! I post the Astroneer videos at 4 PM EST on Weekdays excluding Thursdays. Feel free to check em out! Thanks for watching and stay safe out there!