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Found 1 result

  1. SLOlizardMAN27


    When I first got the game about a week ago in pre-Alpha I started playing with my friend on a world saved on his computer and everytime I would die or suffocate I should normally get teleported back to my last save point which was the habitat but instead the game put me underground like I was swimming through water and I could see all the minerals and caves as if i was in an x-ray machine and I could "swim" over to minerals and pop out on the surface right above them and just dig down and get them. Strange glitch. Also, I started my own world and put hours into it but I got a lot of materials piling on my machines so I decided to organize them into pits where I would place multiples of each material (i.e. coal, lithium, oxygen, titanium, hydrazine, etc.) an hour or so later I come back to find that all of the materials (or just a few) were missing from the pits and I was confused but was fine since I could easily find more resin and compound and trade for more aluminum. Then a few days after that I decide to go down a nearby cave system I had already explored (in order to reduce my lag from all the tethers that I placed down there) and I come across about 24 resin 1 compound and 2 aluminum as well as a full storage of hydrazine that I had seen glitch through the ground of my base before my eyes. That is so dumb to have your materials glitch and go to the next highest, untouched, open spot in the world. I didn't even realize it was right under my base until I found everything I lost. PLEASE FIX! It is quite annoying! -SLOlizardMAN27