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Found 11 results

  1. Koala FatCatKicker

    Rover.exe has encountered a error.

    So I built this rover and it won't charge. I manually charged it with power and it still won't move...
  2. The next update isn't released yet, but should include performance improvements for even the launch Xbox 1 console. So I am starting this topic thread for any specific XBOX issues, questions, or performance issues when game is in release Keep your game saves and retest their performance after the performance update is released. For me personally, my 2nd save experiences massive lag as soon as I step off, drive off or rise above the original base area. I have a large leveled area surrounding my base and I can move about freely there. Once i go below, or off of the leveled area, and if I'm carrying anything, driving a rover or doing anything but running, I get a massive amount of lag. I have posted a 15 second video of what I'm talking about in the Discord #media section. That video is also attached to this post. Astroneer is a great game, and I love that it is a Windows Play Anywhere title. I have nothing but praise for the game, and even this lag is the first I've seen in one of my single player XB1 games. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) (2).mp4
  3. mushroom908

    Bugged Space Shoip

    The cursor to select the take off button or do other things disappears when I enter my spaceship, and I can't get it to come back despite pressing the correct trigger or any buttons. It has some aluminum, copper, resin, two habitats, and some compound. It has two habitats, one to pilot and one to use as a base. Essentially things to start a new base. It uses two vehicle storages to hold all this. The planet doesn't seem to matter, this bug happens regardless. Please fix soon!
  4. The game is wonderful. And i have spent quite some time in ot already. I have 3 problems. I'll discribe my setup first. Xbox 1/Controller/with konnect (if that matters at all) Issue 1 On a small moon after dieing and returning to my body I had lots of materials including 1 Tank,2 Compound, 2 Powe and 1 Tether module. When I returned the Tank was labeled a Tether and would not supply with oxygen and was not usable as a Tether. It was a useless item at this point. Issue 2 I've noticed unused vehicles seem to be falling through the level if neglected for a certain amount of time. It's almost as if every time they load into the world again they move downward just a little till they break through and are gone. Issue 3 On returning to a planet that you originally came from, all Vehicles are completely gone.
  5. Item number one: There are some areas of the map where I just fall into the ground and float around for like 30 seconds. Though it does reset my position, still happens quite frequently. Item number two: Not a whole lot of guidance as far as how to play. Not sure if that is by design or not but it is a bit confusing when you first start playing on the console version.
  6. mmaackss

    New Astroneers?

    We're new Astroneer characters put into the new patch ? I'm playing on Xbox 1 so the update hasn't happened yet. Just curious
  7. I joined a friends game last night and when a sandstorm came he jumped into the pod for safety whilst I dug a hole to hide but died from the rocks hitting me. it tried to respawn me in to the world but since we only had the one pod I was placed outside of it. My character model was still in the death pose but I could play normally and even jump. Dying again once the pod was unoccupied fixed the character model and restored normal animations
  8. colbutterbeater

    wont let me leave first planet

    I have started this game about ten times and built it up to the point of planet hoping.The last 2 worlds were lagging at this point.The last game i was leaving on was looking good to travel off planet.The minute I left things went to hell.The lag was horriffic.When I went to return to my home planet it landed on the machine build platform with the little ship on it right over the top of it.????? and started bouncing around as well my truck and 2 trailers disapeared.This game is great but from the looks of things your spending all your time on the pc version which people in the last few weeks online are advancing through the solar system and the console people are restricted to one planet and take off in spaceship is reallly the end of the game in this state.It probably wouldnt hurt to spawn the two ships farther from the platform so as you can walk bettween the ship and the base it would make it alot less stressful on the program around the buttons and such.I think the problem lies in the transition bettwween pkanets on console combined with to mant teathers,which i have been picking up as i go to avoid lag and that is barely happening.LAG LAG LAG.Is the issue.I think its time to hang up my helmet on this one its to anti climactic to never progress past the first planet without crashing and lag.It seems when there is more than one vehicle bay shit hits the fan or is at least a start,There is also a problem with vehicle attachment crafting such that it trys to craft parts on to ship that are for the bigger ship or vise versa.Hope the lag and issues are adressed .Pc seems to be way farther ahead then this is.
  9. colbutterbeater

    Messed up space shuttle

    I have started the game 9 times now and gotten up to the shuttle stage after it is built it goes wonkie if it tips in the wind it falls into the groung and is unrecoverable.or it reloaded once covered in rock from underneith it and then floated around and ruined that game.Also when shooting dirt down to try and tip the shuttle upright it just buries the shuttle .When putting dirt down with the gun if the dirt gets to close to the artronaut it buries him and you fall through the map and die .please fix it so the 2 space ships dont move on the launch pad it keeps wrecking the game.bit depressing on the eighth time cant get of the planet.The one time i did in a game get of the planet when i returned the rover and all my storage boxes had disappeared but i found them at the bottom of the map underground when i fell thru the ground in a glitch after,had too restart from bigining
  10. colbutterbeater

    crashing during vehicle bay build

    when trying to build storage for rover it crashes when hit build button if you havent researched the blueprints for the item.freeze then blackscreen then reset.Also on another not the lag that i experienced placing lots of teathers,was reduced to playable levels by leaving the long teather routes down under ground there and not picking them up but instead just taking out one section of the chain as to cut of the oxygen when not using it.Maybe you could make a portable generator that could be crafted and put at the beginning of the air line to keep the air system seperate to the main games network.thx love this game.
  11. There needs to be a segregation of platforms in the forums, so the developers can better isolate issues.