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Found 251 results

  1. I've been playing the game since it was released on Xbox in Game Preview. Storms have always slowed down the game a little bit, but not this much. Especially when I'm on a different planet than Terran, if there is a storm nearby, the frame rate drops to the point of making the game look like it's in slow motion. Additionally, storm winds are affecting the caves. So exploring underground is as much a pain as it is above ground in a storm. The only difference is that there aren't any flying blocks trying to kill you, just deadly flora. Honestly, I wish y'all would just disable storms until they can serve a purpose other than being a tedious obstacle. With these frame rate drops, storms are doing nothing but ruining the experience.
  2. Xbox one, Game seems to crash frequently while saving. It just stops and boots me out to home screen without saving. Frequently = daily
  3. Robert Childress

    Xbox one crash

    When I am out getting resources and I get back into my Rover the game just all the sudden crashes and sends me back to title screen or even worse it will send me back to my home screen on Xbox Live. Please look into this and fix as soon as possible.
  4. David Shafer

    Crashes of game save

    Yes when I first got this game a few weeks ago me and a friend started a game together and now every time he try’s to join my game his game crashes or will not let him join this did not start happing until we built the large shuttle, please help me solve this I don’t want to restart it would ruin the game for me, we have tryed pretty much everything between deleteing game save and then re syncing them and completely rebooting our internet , to just him trying to join my game from the dash board nothing will let him join , I would greatly appreciate help
  5. David Shafer

    Game save crash

    Yes I have been playing the game for about a week now I payed for it and everything love the game it’s really interesting when I first started I started the game save with a friend and we have played the game Everyday since until the date on which this is sent because I can load perfectly fine into the game save but the friend I started the game with cannot and it really makes us want to quit playing because we really don’t want to restart nor should we have too , every time he try’s to join his game either dash boards him or lets him load for maybe 3 seconds before it kicks him out agin, we have tried for hours and hours to get him to join and server all different methods , completely rebooting modems , restarting the game , unplugging Xbox , trying different accounts Nothing we try works , please help me with this issue I would greatly appreciate it
  6. I have been using the Cross play with an xbox one and my Windows laptop. I have found that reducing the quality on my laptop helps the game run smoother (due to laptop limitations). The xbox one version also has a great deal of gameplay lag even when running the game from a connected SSD. Is there any way that options within the settings on the xbox one version of the game could be introduced to ruduce gameplay quality and help lose some of the lag?
  7. Koala FatCatKicker

    Rover.exe has encountered a error.

    So I built this rover and it won't charge. I manually charged it with power and it still won't move...
  8. I built a medium rover with a single seat then put a medium battery on it followed by two other medium rivers with large storages on them and then the last one was for the crane. I put the 4 copper on the vehicle bay and put the empty medium rover in front of it. The vehicle bay has power but the button to build the crane disappears before I can click it to build. It says I have the required 4 copper but won't give me the button. The crane shows in blue for half a second before immediately turning red. I have tried everything like moving the rover in different spots, moving the vehicle bay on a large platform A around the rover and giving it power, leaving the game then going back, trying it on another medium rover and even making a whole new vehicle bay platform and medium rover nothing works. Please help I am TheLegendDyl4n1 on Xbox one and my email is or any ideas are accepted. I am playing on the version and in game I am on the moon planet don't know the name
  9. Having trouble attaching attaching stuff to the top of the rover and the front as well in multiplayer mode and add a compass of further tracking device to ping when half way across the plant. Also when player are to far part game keeps crashing and kicks us back to home screen
  10. I downloaded Astroneer about 1 week ago and about two days after I started playing my game it began crashing after I tried to save my progress with any habitat or vehicle. I’ve tried clearing my Xbox’s cache but nothing has worked. So now I haven’t really been able to play the game. If anyone knows how to fix this please help. Thanks
  11. Are there plans to improve the frame rate on Xbox One? Or create a more constant FPS throughout? Depending on where I am or what I am doing, the FPS can feel unbearable at times. (I apologize if a thread on this topic has already been created, I couldn't find one)
  12. So basically I'm gonna explain the issues that I've had playing Astroneer on Xbox One (Not the Xbox One X). Nothing has really come up regarding the game mechanics and how it's supposed to work, but rather performance issues. After progressing a bit on my first world and starting to get some structures going, My frames start to drop, and in general I move around, pan the camera, and mine slower. This normally only occurs though when I'm looking at or standing next to said structures, or during storms. These performance issues also become amplified when playing with another player, some points the game becomes unplayable for a period of time (see video). The other thing that causes performance issues is when I pick up or place tethers that are connected or connecting to the oxygen line. This causes the game to freeze for around 5 seconds per tether, which makes exploring tedious. Everything else about the game is wonderful, I've enjoyed my time playing. Once these performance issues have been fixed, it will be a great game on the Xbox platform. Thanks! e0f2a28d-6b97-4695-a14f-086256bdbf66.mp4
  13. How do i place extenders on xbox?
  14. Game crashes whenever I access research from my backpack. I tap Y to open backpack then hold Y to open side panel for research unlock then if I press down on the D pad to select another item the game makes a loud noise, freezes and kicks me back to the home page everytime. I've tried different things i.e different saves, new games, reinstall but it always crashes. Just started getting back into it before this new update kinda broke my game
  15. Ben Robertson


    So when the storm arrives it doesn't look like a big sandstorm over the horizon it looks like a broken textured blob crawling over the map
  16. Xbox One (not S or X) V After recently updating to version and running my one and only saved game file, the game graphics are running at what can only be described as a low frame rate. My 'Astroneer' appears to be walking and running at a much slower pace and all other graphics, including vehicle movements are also at a reduced and 'laggy' frame rate. As an experiment I decided to start a new game file and hey presto, that runs at the expected 'regular' game speed. I went back to my original game save and it is still running slow. I also tried uninstalling Astroneer completely and reinstalling but to no avail. I can only think that the update must have done something to my save file, and while I do enjoy this game, i'd rather not have to start from the beginning!!!!! Is there a fix or a patch for this?
  17. Updated about 45 minutes ago to current on Xbox when trying to use my right analog stick to move the camera/selection tool/terrain tool/anything that involves the right analog stick will move smoothly vertically and diagonally but as you start to sway the joystick to horizontal movement meaning turning left or right or moving an object it will only move a very slight amount and stop completely while holding the joystick fully to one side or another making any type of smooth movement or transition or even playing any part of this game an absolute and Complete nightmare so awful it's not worth playing on console until this issue is fixed in my opinion

    Game doesn't save

    Game never saves I spent 2 full days building and reloaded game after I finally go to work and it never saved it . I lost everything I had to start over 2 day
  19. So, the new patch supposedly allows xbox one and Windows 10 store cross-platform play, but there's absolutely no details on how to go about doing that. Is there a guide or something? Many thanks
  20. I found a tether in a cave. When moving it back closer to my own tethers to use it, it connected at a high, close to vertical angle, through the cave wall. When I dropped the tether it showed no oxygen hose, but did provide me with oxygen. It was close to other tethers I'd dropped, but I couldn't see it being connected to them, and didn't think the ones in the cave above were close enough to connect. I've posted a video with this bug name to my profile.
  21. If I try to collect a a resource when my backpack is full by picking it up with RT then pressing X to drop it into my backpack, it says the backpack is full, but then the resource is just left on the map, on its side, and uncollectable. It is then stuck in this positing and does not have a selection ring around it. I have seen this happen 3 times from memory I think you can see them in my profile. I've Shared them with the bug name: The screenshot shows exactly what I mean, with the Compound stuck on its side above a platform slot. I can still add other items to that same slot. Actually I just went to try again after saving last night, turning the game off, then starting a game again today and now I CAN collect the Compound. I'm sure I couldn't last night but didn't capture a video unfortunately. You can also see a similar example with a small solar panel in the video on my profile above. Note that I thought to go and check if I can collect it now, but it no longer seems to exist anywhere. If I see it again I'll provide more evidence.
  22. Jonh203

    The game dont save!

    I spend hours playing and "save" a lot of times, since one time the game crashed i try to do it as much as i could, but after all that time i exit the game and i realize that the date of my last save was wrong, i log in again and the game didnt save anything!!, im really angry and its frustrating!!
  23. I experienced the rover bug last night where my game loaded and the rover I was in decided to take an express ride to the core of the planet and take me with it. It was an interesting ride and i got to see how material deposits are spread throughout the planet and in a spherical shape. When I got to the core I bounced around for a while before coming to a halt. No amount of reloading or driving the rover would get the rover back on the surface so I got out. My character rocketed to the surface of the planet like a cork released from the bottom of a swimming pool. So I get to the surface and luckily i had 3 small tanks of oxygen on me. I realize right away that I've popped out on the other side of the world from my base and running back is not feasible at this point. So the clock is running and I decide to see if I can survive this ordeal. I get super lucky and find quite easily the biggest deposit of compound i have ever found in the game (yielded 14 compound by the time it was exhausted). So with Compound I could make filters which in turn would resupply my air. So now i needed a new base so I could have a chance at long term survival. Ran around a bit and found enough resin to get things started. In the end I was able to build everything i needed, not die, and now have a base exactly opposite my original. I didn't bother making a habitat because I found that a simple cab for the rover mounted on a platform will allow you to save the game and will protect you in a storm and it doesn't take copper to make. So the only thing I am wondering about is the location i popped out in seems to be ultra rich in materials and research items. usually a compound or resin deposit yields 2 or 3 units of material....these deposits are giving me between 5 and 15 units. Organic material is ultra dense, and it seems that every where I look there are research items popping up. Wondering if this is normal and I never looked in the right place or if this is some byproduct of the rover glitch.
  24. Playing multiplayer on xbox one, my friend (host) and I are both experiencing this issue with our terrain tools. We'll pull out the terrain tool, use it, then when we release the trigger to stop using the tool, the game continues to make us walk slow like we're still actively using the tool, until we hit the trigger again. The cursor will also stay in "mouse mode" as if we're holding the left trigger in.