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Found 15 results

  1. Hello, After the last update, every time I try to save my progress the game crashes and don't save. If I open my save on my computer (Xbox Play Anywhere) I can play and save the game. I made a video showing the crash. This situation can't be treated as normal. I mean, it is not even listed in the common bugs area. C'mon guys!!!!
  2. So I've been playing this game on an Xbox one X and I've noticed that there's much more Lag when running at 4k and the game crashes almost every time I enter a vehicle or the hab, running it in HD helps but game still crashes around 25% of the time I enter a vehicle I've tried to be a responsible astroneer and not leave to much junk lying around and I've deleted all my tethers. Lag is tolerable in HD (which is a great improvement from previous versions) but 4K is close to miserable. Any chance of getting an in-game toggle for 4k to HD? Or even better a frame-rate prioritizer for Xbox?
  3. So I've tried playing Astroneer on Windows 10 a couple of times now. Runs much better than on the XBox One X performance wise. However, I've noticed a pretty serious issue with cross save. The Windows 10 client appears to have a big problem with terrain save. Loading a save off of XBox in Windows 10 works fine but loading the game back on XBox after a save, the terrain is swiss cheese. Some changes that you've made to the terrain with your landscaping tool or drill do not appear to save at all. Tunnels you've dug are partially blocked seemingly where the actual generated terrain was. Platforms
  4. I am on Xbox one x and when my friends joins me I lag horribly and within a few Moments, I freeze or crash I am also at the end game (no spoilers) when I get a cut scene I crash instantly. When I went to the planet core (any of them) I had to redo the digging at least 10 times the save was made on the current patch, and everything is updated I don't know if it's because the game has so much to load on each plant (I have a base on almost every planet). If you need any information or help to find the bug please let me know
  5. As as above. organic research nodes not refreshing on some loadings. Xbox one x. Random chance. load game or landing. Refreshing game fixes till next reload or landing re-rolls rng Carlvk
  6. The following has been reported 1000 times before by 1000 other players. And if none of the developers solve the problem, there will always be more and more unhappy astroneers. The game is just unplayable in its current state. Since release with 1.0 a technical catastrophe. With increasing progress, the performance gets worse and worse and saving takes longer. Random crashes are every few minutes. Crashes when saving make it unplayable towards the end. When you reach the end of the story, the animation crashes too. Video of my 2nd Savegame started after Patch 1.0.6. Endgame, Glacio C
  7. I have been working towards "end game" since 1.0. I have been stuck on Novus since because at first my game would not save at all, but as of it wall save upon my first entry into a save-causing item. after that it ignore all save attempts and potentially crashes on each attempt. Is there a bug that corrupts saves to do this? I don't mind if I need to start a new game so much, but if this i going to hit me again it will be...annoying. For the record, I have no known issues at or before apart from the ones you have been fixing.
  8. I’m having an issue, if a teather line is particularly long, and at this point I have them all over the starting world. As I dig down to the core placing a teather causes the game to lock up for a good few seconds and sometimes if I place one or knock one over mid line on my journey up and down the whole game crashes to the home screen. last night I lost 2-3 hours of progress. the game crashed 4 times last night. Under the same conditions. playing on and Xbox One x on a 4K tv ver 1.0.8 (I believe)
  9. Hello, I play this great game since it was released in Xbox game preview but now I am at a point in progress where the game is unplayable. I hoped patch 1.0.6 can help but it don‘t. The game is still crashing randomly. But surely when I am digging after the 5th level under Glacio and Artox. When I fast slide down to the deep its very often. Also often it crashed when I save somewhere and the the last progess is gone. The crash frequency increases with the game progress. At the moment I can‘t reach the cores of Glacio and Artox and can‘t end the game. I must take a trac
  10. When I play this game on my Xbox one X the front slots on the tractor do not work. I cannot attach anything to it. I have both a Xbox one S and X, and I didn’t have the problem on the one S. It is however really laggy when playing on the One S.
  11. I'm on a One X, just bought Astroneer a couple of days ago. About 50% of the time when the "Solar System" loading screen is up it does it's usual rotation of the solar system and then it freezes, I wait assuming data is loading and then in a minute or 2 while still on locked "Solar System" screen music starts to play. Then a couple of more minutes and the music all of the sudden squeals and then the Xbox turns off. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no change to the problem.
  12. When playing on my Xbox One X on Astroneer, in Single Player Mode: when driving a Rover straight for a Couple of Miles then the Game Crashes and the Spaceport i Found near my base, I built a Vehicle building on the Spaceport and there is power going to it, but it will not build anything, not even the green light comes on, also when Landing a ship on it, it floats about a foot in the air when landing on it. Also there are some spots were you can see down in a cave from the servive: this is a Bug because when i dig it fixes it, then i have to recover it to fix the hole i dig. In Multiplayer: P
  13. I downloaded Astroneer about 1 week ago and about two days after I started playing my game it began crashing after I tried to save my progress with any habitat or vehicle. I’ve tried clearing my Xbox’s cache but nothing has worked. So now I haven’t really been able to play the game. If anyone knows how to fix this please help. Thanks
  14. Hi all, I play on Xbox One X and I was excited to see the game had been ‘enhanced’ to play in 4K. However the performance is still a major issue with framerate unplayable at times. Am I being naive in thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to add an option with variable resolution that uses the One X horsepower to shoot for 60fps? It would be a game changer. Look forward to hearing some thoughts and hopefully a response from the devs. Cheers
  15. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access has been updated to version 0.3.10219.0 (Patch "219") on Xbox and Windows 10 platforms. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players should expect this patch to hit their Xbox One X / Xbox One S / Xbox One Consoles, or Windows 10 machines Tuesday November 7th 2017. This is an update specifically for Xbox One X users, rolling out the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Astroneer! This update pushes the game to render at 4K UHD as well as other enhancements made possible by Xbox One X hardware. There is an equivalent patch on all other Xbox "Play Anywhere" users, b