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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I play this great game since it was released in Xbox game preview but now I am at a point in progress where the game is unplayable. I hoped patch 1.0.6 can help but it don‘t. The game is still crashing randomly. But surely when I am digging after the 5th level under Glacio and Artox. When I fast slide down to the deep its very often. Also often it crashed when I save somewhere and the the last progess is gone. The crash frequency increases with the game progress. At the moment I can‘t reach the cores of Glacio and Artox and can‘t end the game. I must take a tractor with me for a mobile savepoint but its not my way to play and I don‘t get out with this by portal. The second thing is that the performance get worse with the patch. I'm used to moving in slow motion since the 4th hour in progress but since 1.0.6 it is more laggy, different speedchanges and seems to drop frames. Before the patch it was more like slow motion, even movment. Now it is choppy when performance go down. My Xbox must blowing up your crash dump mailbox. I hope that you find out what it is the problem. I like the game so much and you and your work with the was great and to play the game is funny and a pleasure and I won‘t to have more fun with it in future when the problems gone. Nevertheless it is a great, funny game with great mechanics and gameplay features and full of nice details and good ideas. You made a great game and thx to all👍🏻 Rico
  2. When I play this game on my Xbox one X the front slots on the tractor do not work. I cannot attach anything to it. I have both a Xbox one S and X, and I didn’t have the problem on the one S. It is however really laggy when playing on the One S.
  3. I'm on a One X, just bought Astroneer a couple of days ago. About 50% of the time when the "Solar System" loading screen is up it does it's usual rotation of the solar system and then it freezes, I wait assuming data is loading and then in a minute or 2 while still on locked "Solar System" screen music starts to play. Then a couple of more minutes and the music all of the sudden squeals and then the Xbox turns off. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with no change to the problem.
  4. When playing on my Xbox One X on Astroneer, in Single Player Mode: when driving a Rover straight for a Couple of Miles then the Game Crashes and the Spaceport i Found near my base, I built a Vehicle building on the Spaceport and there is power going to it, but it will not build anything, not even the green light comes on, also when Landing a ship on it, it floats about a foot in the air when landing on it. Also there are some spots were you can see down in a cave from the servive: this is a Bug because when i dig it fixes it, then i have to recover it to fix the hole i dig. In Multiplayer: Playing with my Friends will slow the Host down a lot, I Would like to have Fast Game Play with no laging with my Friends. That's all for now, If y'all can fix this, me and my Friends will be playing this lot more, and build lot more to, Thnak you for this great game.
  5. I downloaded Astroneer about 1 week ago and about two days after I started playing my game it began crashing after I tried to save my progress with any habitat or vehicle. I’ve tried clearing my Xbox’s cache but nothing has worked. So now I haven’t really been able to play the game. If anyone knows how to fix this please help. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I play on Xbox One X and I was excited to see the game had been ‘enhanced’ to play in 4K. However the performance is still a major issue with framerate unplayable at times. Am I being naive in thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to add an option with variable resolution that uses the One X horsepower to shoot for 60fps? It would be a game changer. Look forward to hearing some thoughts and hopefully a response from the devs. Cheers
  7. Astroneer's Pre-Alpha Early Access has been updated to version 0.3.10219.0 (Patch "219") on Xbox and Windows 10 platforms. Xbox 'Play Anywhere' players should expect this patch to hit their Xbox One X / Xbox One S / Xbox One Consoles, or Windows 10 machines Tuesday November 7th 2017. This is an update specifically for Xbox One X users, rolling out the Xbox One X Enhanced version of Astroneer! This update pushes the game to render at 4K UHD as well as other enhancements made possible by Xbox One X hardware. There is an equivalent patch on all other Xbox "Play Anywhere" users, but only to make sure that all versions can play multiplayer together. More information about our next content update for all platforms coming later this week! Here are some screenshots taken directly from an Xbox One X kit. Thanks! -jt