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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, I've opened a hole beside my base and found a exists cave. The hole is big to permit I go down with my tractor. When I flatten the ground inside the existing cave, I got a BIG decrease fps rate. And I think that's possible because if I flatten the ground from the peak, I made a second ground and more poligons are created, and it added with existing polygons. I will try today, if I flatten the ground in lowest level of the relief and decrease polygons, if the FPS will be stabilized.
  2. Hey there peeps. After updating to the latest version available for me on Xbox One S there seems to be a presumably white circle peeking out from the top left corner of my screen at all times while playing. It will at various times change slightly in size. I'll add a couple photos to show. Sorry if they're blurry. They're direct screenshots from Xbox Upload. I've tried reinstalling and restarting but that doesn't seem to fix it. Any ideas why or how to fix this?
  3. When i use the rover( medium, large, or trailer, with rover seat.) Itwell lock up when i get back in the ro ver, by lock up i mean, it does not respond to throttle commands, and the steering doesnt respond. The happens wither i have one rover or a train of them( more on that in a minute)on flat ground or a hill, and on multiple planets thus far. when i use a Train of large rovers(3+ connected) it g ets weird, tend to have steering input from no wh ere, and LOVES to "crab walk"as ive begone to call it, by which the wheel(all six per body) with turn WAYmore then they should, in a direction im not inputing(the back rover does this even without ould it even steer??) And will generallybe uncontrolable. This happens with or without anything on the top(storage, power, or anything). I can get a video of it if needed, just not sure how toadd it here. Issue is on Xbox One S, with most recent update(1.0.3) Note with pict ure, i am NOT in it, but wheels are locked.
  4. Hello all, I have just experienced my game freezing, where the screen froze with a continuous buzzing background noise but I was still able to access my Xbox's dashboard and navigate without a problem. After I tested that out the game automatically closed itself out and sent me back to the dashboard. I hit the start button on Astroneer and closed it. I waited a minute or two and tried to open it back up. The title picture of Astroneer would stay and up then it would crash out, automatically bringing me back to the dashboard and gave me an error code (which unfortunately I did not write down). After that I closed it again and attempted to play another game. As soon as I clicked on a different game, my screen kept changing colors (different shades of grey). This is when I began to worry because I have never experienced this problem before. I attempted to dashboard by pressing the Xbox button but nothing happened. I couldn't hear or see anything but my Xbox and controller were still on. No matter what I did, I was only able to hold down my Xbox button and access, "shut down" or "turn controller off" options. So naturally I tried to turn my console off, but it wouldn't. My consoles light began to flash and my controller was still on. I had to power cycle it in order for it to work properly again. As I said before, I have never experienced these issues before and my Xbox is still fairly new (3 months). I believe the issues stated above occurred because of the game freezing and automatically shutting down. Not only did change video and audio settings but also caused issues with other games and the dashboard. I hope I was able to explain this well enough with enough detail for others to understand. I just purchased this game today because I tried the trial and thought it was an outgoing, adventurous game. I still do but I am now worried what will happen if this issue occurs again. Has anyone else experienced a major system issue or game issue similar to this magnitude? If so, how did you fix it? What did you do? I am going to attempt to reinstall the game hoping that will fix/prevent further issues.