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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I play Astroneer mostly on Steam but recently I've started playing with a relative who has it through Microsoft/XboxGamepass on PC. I decided to use a $1 dollar trial of Gamepass Ultimate to play with him. Multiplayer has been working good, but my subscription ends in a week or two and I need to make a decision about what to do in the future. If I buy the Microsoft store edition, do I need an Xbox Live subscription? (Gold, Ultimate, etc) Or can we just join each other's worlds without it? If I do need an Xbox Live subscription, I will probably just buy Gamepass Ultimate again when
  2. So I've tried playing Astroneer on Windows 10 a couple of times now. Runs much better than on the XBox One X performance wise. However, I've noticed a pretty serious issue with cross save. The Windows 10 client appears to have a big problem with terrain save. Loading a save off of XBox in Windows 10 works fine but loading the game back on XBox after a save, the terrain is swiss cheese. Some changes that you've made to the terrain with your landscaping tool or drill do not appear to save at all. Tunnels you've dug are partially blocked seemingly where the actual generated terrain was. Platforms
  3. I have purchased the win10/xbox version and wanted to know if it can be played multiplayer using the same account, meaning, I login with my xbox profile on win 10 and my son logs into his profile on xbox. His account is part of the overall family account I use for xbox. When I launch the game on win10 and then xbox (or vice versa) I get a notice saying the game is already in use. I have even logged out of the the xbox and stayed logged in on win 10. So, is it not possible to play using 2 profiles on one family account? Thanks in advance for any help and insight to this.
  4. I just got this game on XBOX One and it's awesome. I couldn't stop exploring for 12hrs non-stop, from 9pm-9am. I didn't realise how involving this game would be - it even took me away from finishing The Last Guardian (PS4) and this isn't even a finished game. The low £15 price tag was great too. I would like to be able to delete a game save though cos it keeps updating from the cloud. Also the camera is glitchy and it killed me a lot when exploring caves. Otherwise the graphics, sound and gameplay are awesome. Definitely a lot better than No Man's Sky - but also very different. I'm look