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Found 1 result

  1. Secret MC Shaman

    XBOX 1 - Tips and Tricks

    For XB1 Users....I am playing both PC and XBOX, but not seeing a lot of tip/tricks specifically for XBOX. Here are a few hard learned lessons of mine. I played for 5 hour last a few first trying out the game and super annoyed at having to open my BP to use the courser. It wasn't until I was about to close up shop for the night that I discovered holding LT brings up the courser with out opening your BP. Also, pressing down on the Right Stick allows you to pan in an out. Wish I would have figured it out before spending 20 minutes trying to get in just the right position to activate creating shuttle. Finally, holding LT while using your mining tool is a bit smoother (still some tweaking needed to that in my book) Also, if you find you have the "Falling" through the world glitch, quickly logout and restart before you either hit bottom and die, or actually land in a cave with no way out. So far I've been able to save myself a lot of rework after dying then loosing my pack (first time with lithium and titanium.