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Found 10 results

  1. That one guy Tom

    Xbox One Bugs and Glitches

    Hopefully this thread will be pinned by the developer/admins for Xbox/ Xbox one players.
  2. cmadison

    Truck Disappeared

    Date of Incident: 1/26/2017 System: Xbox 1 / Xbox One The game had just been loaded from a saved state. Upon load I had 2 trucks and 2 rovers. Using the Vehicle Bay I created another Truck (Truck 3). This truck was moved off the vehicle bay platform, so a rover (Rover 3) could be created. At this point, more compound was needed to accomplish this goal, so I took Truck 1 on a compound gathering expedition. Truck 1 had the following items attached at the start of my trip: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two large batteries (one on the front and back of the truck) In Truck 1, I drove about 2-3 minutes away from basecamp to find compound deposits. Discovered 2 compound spread through out the ground and one easily obtained via a rock pillar deposit. Both of these were mined in their entirety and the one hole was meticulously filled in. I drove a little further to see if there was anything else interesting in the area. I discovered a cave entrance, and got out of my truck to place down a beacon. As I was getting the beacon out of my backpack, my truck disappear right before my eyes. At the time of my truck disappearing the following items were attached: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two large batteries (one on the front and back of the truck) 12 compounds Not sure if any steps can be taken to reproduce this bug, and it happened so abruptly no pictures or videos were able to be captured. Please fix!
  3. xbox 1 When you create a node that can connect to several stations, the "resin" indicators go away but it retains the ability to become a station if you place two resin on it. This turns the node into a station, keeping the other connections which are phased through the models. Any other stations coming off of that node stay connected visually but cannot transfer power in either direction. I was putting the resin on there for storage and it then ruined the rest of my base.
  4. When I land back at my base, the ground does not render right away and creates a void that swallows my vehicles and any unattached storage. When I travel in space it has happened before that it is extremely hard/impossible to travel back to Terran. I had to visit other planets' orbits in order to get back
  5. While playing the Xbox 1 version I've run into a number of bugs and glitches. The most annoying to me has been the Vehicles, mainly them becoming stuck in holes or caves and trying to "build" them out causes me to be sucked into the ground if I add texture near my feet. This causes me to float about in what would be the ground, although it becomes see through when this happens, until I can find a way out usually by bringing the actual ground level down to where I am floating.. Also occasionally as a game is loaded that has a free standing vehicle, or one attached to the base as well for I tried to attach it, ends up being sucked into the ground as well.. I thought It was gone for good, but as I tried to dig it out I found it was being dragged into a cave that was below my base that I was unaware of; Also inside the cave, various supplies and storage containers I thought had gone rogue. Apparently they were unaware that I placed them at ground level. The frame rate problem is becoming a deal breaker.. the farther I progress the more the game slows down, to a point that it becomes unbearable... This game is fun, please fix it.
  6. whentheduckquack


    When i invite my friend or join my friends game nothing happens at all!
  7. I was playing Astroneer in my Xbox 1 when I started seeing bugs I didn't care enough to report them. But, when a certain bug (#2) on this list destroyed all my work I lost all motivation and thus made this list. Various Bugs in Astroneer Xbox 1 1. Every time I turn off my Xbox, turn in astroneer, and log into my Astroneer world, the items on my backpack aren't directly attacked to the back but instead float near where they should attack. This bug doesn't affect the gameplay or anything and can be reset by taking off the items and returning them to you inventory. I included two screenshots to show what it looks like, 2. Switching planets removes any "unchained" objects on the planet. What I mean by "unchained objects" are objects that aren't connected to anything. For example, I had about 5 storage units full of items when I left for another planet, but when I came back the storage units were gone. I also had a truck on my home planet but that was gone as well. Not to mention various items on my second planet were gone when I returned to it. 3. Wind generators don't work on my world. I don't know why, I can't name a source, but even when storms appear or small blocks with low opacity are casually being thrown in the wind (meaning when its windy), my wind generators don't show any animations nor generate power. 4. I can't attach seats or "capsules" (I don't remember their name but you need them to create a base" to storage units. At first I thought this was normal, but then I read many tutorials online that example this feature. ?. This isn't really a bug, but carrying items in Xbox one Astroneer is just super buggy and glitchy and annoying. The camera angles are wierd, the moment is clunky and slow, and it's hard to run while carrying an item.
  8. mmaackss

    Xbox 1 FPS

    After progressing through game on Xbox 1 , FPS drops a whole lot.
  9. mmaackss


    Some spots on the floor pop up a bit.
  10. This has happened on multiple occasions but when I try to add ground it'll sometimes send me into the ground with the falling animation until i reach a cave where it'll kill me and respawn me back at base. it doesn't happen that often but can be quite tedious when I'm carrying a lot of rare materials