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Found 11 results

  1. Title pretty much says it. While in a cave, wind noise (assumed from a storm because it's the same wind noise associated with a surface storm) causes the game to lag substantially. Including frame rate drop, input lag, and terrain tool response.
  2. Im not really sure what i did, but i was making a small solar panel in my invintory and as it was being made (the copper bar was going into pieces), i selected to look at the other items, (canisters, small wind turbine, etc) and then realizing that it had stopped printing. I then pressed the "A" button to craft a canister while printing stopped (the copper was still in the item slot in pieces) before to make a solar panel. This then crashed my game. I was also playing on the xbox one
  3. Now this is not necessarily a bug. Each new game you start has Crystal Clear 60FPS I'm pretty sure, but over time, with each new base installment you create, becomes less and less. Now this has improved a lot by the team already, but it only had delayed the moment that you start experiencing an average lower framerate, as low as 30 or worse. Now Multiplayer is the Real issue. When a player joins the host's game on Xbox One, the Host's framerate immediately drops to levels aforementioned. The joined player that's not the host, does not receive any framerate drop.
  4. TheMonkeyMan101

    Bug dumping 0.2.10117.0

    I'm dropping all the bugs I can. - coal looks like dark matter and moves -spiked red plant brain has something inside of it, moving -can infinitely drive rover/truck during day only if one solar is connected -after reloading, all materials (including ones already mined) have the specified material name above their empty graves -can still exploit by tapping RT and X at the same time to carry object while driving -can exploit trading platform and fuel condenser by selling hydrazine -creating seat, 3 seat directly onto rover/truck and shuttle will lock it -many saves were corrupted for unknown reason (just happened) unless when it says saving on rover/truck it's lying. UGH -fuel condenser should have fuel going down instead of up -placing partially drained hydrazine on fuel condenser and creating more fuel will fill that partially drained hydrazine and stop halfway on the next hydrazine, but then completely fill that one as well -muiltiple batteries recharging a 'building' will not slow down each batteries usage -extensions, even on completely flat surfaces, will be created a little bit underneath -winch costs too much for something that can't actually pull without a rover/truck driving -graphical bug when terraforming tool is is out near a space satellite, and the green bars move fast -absolutely no trees in my new save -resin was barren -compound was barren -coal, compressed carbon, should not be inside plant brains -can pull plant brains straight out of the ground from a plant -saves in the space station should be named and deletable -objects that require 2 ports should be able to connect to the habitat -storms happen WAY too often -moon should not have plants -gravity gets weird when closing in on the core of the planet -flashlight on helmet stays on for a while when reloading -battery attachment does not recharge like the backpack, making it partially useless -plant gas should not be able to kill you (you're wearing a compressed suit, gas can't get in) -filters and power cells should not break with little use -during first launch of new save, the area around the base cannot be terraformed downwards -storms seem like they have a lock on your character, and move to your new location -blocks being thrown by storm only hit around and at your character -what the hell is the storm made out of?? -plants need water to stay alive, and there is not a single drop of water on the entire planet (not a bug but eh) -Terran does not spin on its axis, as well as the rest of the planets -can fly a shuttle with a land vehicle seat. What's a steering wheel good for? -can sell organic for other materials. I hope this is just showing you something, like humans destroying earth! It does help my theory about it -land vehicles should have a weight mechanic (if they do, then my bad) May continue in the comments if I remember any more
  5. Okay, brace yourself because when I was working today, a whole bunch of ideas came to my mind, so sorry if it doesn't make sense, but I'll try to make it sound perfect. I play Astroneer on the Xbox One, and I love the planets you can travel to. So, I was thinking there could be planets that are like Saturn and Jupiter. Even planets with rings around it that you can actually land on and the ring is around the planet, and you can see it just like the image below. Another thing is to build telescopes so you can see other planets or suns or stars from where you are. Like, I was thinking you can see a meteor shower from normal view, and if you build a telescope, you can zoom into it and it would be beautiful things that you can see closer. Some of the debris could even fall onto the planet you are on, or maybe on another planet that you saw it fall on with the telescope! That would be soooo cool!! Another thing would be Worldly Events! On Nintendo's Kirby Air Ride, when you played the city mode, things would happen while you collected stuff. I think that should happen too! Like when there is a meteor shower, it could be coming to you and you gotta take cover. It's kinda like the storm, but this would be a lot more dangerous. Obviously, that might be too extreme for this kind of game, but there could also be tornadoes or earthquakes. I think earthquakes would be the best of all those choices because then the ground would break apart and you could explore much easier, much more would be covered, but it would be scary because you never know where the earth would split, even on your base! I felt like this idea needed its own spot, but I think Supernovas should be a thing. Like, not in the galaxy you're in, or wherever you are, but the telescope you build can zoom so far to other places that you can actually witness the sun explode. Then, there are black holes and all that, but that's for another time, lol. One more before the last idea, I think there should be notifications from the computer or you base that pops up a picture or some text or something that lets you know what and when the worldly event happens. It could have a timer as well too to give us some time to prepare, but an estimated time, because it's obviously supposed to be a surprise event. It could even let us know when a supernova is going to happen. One last idea, and I really hope this one works for the game as well. It's about the moon, or Barren or whatever, but I hope there is a full moon, new moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, red moon, quarter moon, waning, waxing, yellow moon, harvest moon all that, while you are on Terra or whatever other planet has moons. That would be so cool if that could happen somehow. There should also be a DAY COUNTER to see how long you have survived on these planets as well. If you think there are dumb ideas here, let me know so I can think of other things, but if you agree, let's talk about more stuff. These ideas really blossomed with me.
  6. There is a glitch of some sort when I start up the game on Xbox One that has the pause menu frozen on the screen and doesn't allow me to do anything. I found out that if I don't press start before I load up a game, it will go away, but for people who don't know, it's probably frustrating. I gotta actually shut the game down and restart it in order to get rid of the menu.
  7. Platform: xbone Problem: My avatar became trapped inside a printed habitat that was placed on a vehicle bay as a temporary placeholder. Workarounds: None that would allow continued play on that particular save. I ended up starting a new game. Repeatable bug: Unknown
  8. Landed on a new planet far away from my first one, it was titled "exotic", landing on it, I experienced the worst frame rate I've ever seen, it's absolutely terrible.
  9. Items Floating Off Of Backpack Still on Xbox One.
  10. valevma

    XB1 Rover FPS Drop

    Playing Astroneer on the Xbox One, finally got a rover, they're fun as heck(immediately got lost for eternity lol). However on Xbox One, whenever driving the Rover at least in my personal experience the FPS dropped plenty, and while still playable, it just looked terrible, and I'm sure this is not the intention, so I'm here!
  11. I've had a problem on the XboxOne version of Astroneer. While placing a line of tethers to explore (usually a very very Long line of tethers, because they're cheap to make, I assume I should be able to do this). Once placing the last in the line of tethers, and either I'm not satisfied with the placement I made, and pick it up, or I accidentally pick the last one up, it seems it causes a random tether post in the line to become disconnected. This causes a HUGE frame drop for some reason. Then I'm stuck a mile away from base, disconnected from my oxygen source. If you have other problems with Tethers, on XboxOne, feel free to post them Here, because the title, and tags of this topic are already set up for us to do so. :>