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Found 14 results

  1. Hello fellow astronauts! I am posting this because: A; Almost all 'could not find session' articles are for steam or from 2016, those that are recent are complex and the ones I've tried don't work. B; Not sure what NAT type I need. Both our NAT types are moderate, no multiplayer services are not down, I am obviously win10 and my buddy XB1. Invites/join game from Console Companion do not work at all, no error message or anything. Screenshot included. What can I do to ensure that we can play together every time we want to? All help/redirection is appreciated! -Rob
  2. Tethers not working with starting shelter/home base on v1.0. Very disappointing as I've been waiting on the release and have been supporting and playing the beta for a long time. Also, no retro suit available.
  3. The next update isn't released yet, but should include performance improvements for even the launch Xbox 1 console. So I am starting this topic thread for any specific XBOX issues, questions, or performance issues when game is in release Keep your game saves and retest their performance after the performance update is released. For me personally, my 2nd save experiences massive lag as soon as I step off, drive off or rise above the original base area. I have a large leveled area surrounding my base and I can move about freely there. Once i go below, or off of the leveled area, a
  4. Summary: 0.4.10215.0 XB1 - Really odd double vision (no not a Foreigner song) Description: Really odd double vision effect when targeting a resource fountain Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.4.10215.0
  5. Now this is not necessarily a bug. Each new game you start has Crystal Clear 60FPS I'm pretty sure, but over time, with each new base installment you create, becomes less and less. Now this has improved a lot by the team already, but it only had delayed the moment that you start experiencing an average lower framerate, as low as 30 or worse. Now Multiplayer is the Real issue. When a player joins the host's game on Xbox One, the Host's framerate immediately drops to levels aforementioned. The joined player that's not the host, does not receive any framerate drop.
  6. Build: 0.3.10182.0 XB1 Floating Truck!As6jM9B_tOX0gQP5Jy5gVstznRzX Truck started floating and didn't stop until I exited the game. No problem after restarting the game.
  7. Date of Incident: 1/26/2017 System: Xbox 1 / Xbox One The game had just been loaded from a saved state. Upon load I had 2 trucks and 2 rovers. Using the Vehicle Bay I created another Truck (Truck 3). This truck was moved off the vehicle bay platform, so a rover (Rover 3) could be created. At this point, more compound was needed to accomplish this goal, so I took Truck 1 on a compound gathering expedition. Truck 1 had the following items attached at the start of my trip: 1 seat Small Storage Rack 2 small wind turbines attached to the top of the storage rack Two
  8. Item number one: There are some areas of the map where I just fall into the ground and float around for like 30 seconds. Though it does reset my position, still happens quite frequently. Item number two: Not a whole lot of guidance as far as how to play. Not sure if that is by design or not but it is a bit confusing when you first start playing on the console version.
  9. Hello fellow astroneers, I am here to ask for help as I stupidly went into a exotic planet with 4 compound and no extra fuel so you can guess what happened. I am looking for someone to join my game and get compound and come to exotic. pls send help I will explain when you join me. GT: stonycrayon4983 -Stony
  10. Landed on a new planet far away from my first one, it was titled "exotic", landing on it, I experienced the worst frame rate I've ever seen, it's absolutely terrible.
  11. Items Floating Off Of Backpack Still on Xbox One.
  12. Playing Astroneer on the Xbox One, finally got a rover, they're fun as heck(immediately got lost for eternity lol). However on Xbox One, whenever driving the Rover at least in my personal experience the FPS dropped plenty, and while still playable, it just looked terrible, and I'm sure this is not the intention, so I'm here!
  13. I bought the game on xbox one and I have experienced a lot of bugs. Sometimes the fps will drop alot, around 15 fps. One of my world's constantly has a low fps of around 15 fps, and never goes up. Also sometimes I will randomly fall through the world, and die of suffocating. This happens randomly and when I land on a different planet, and leave my shuttle before everything is rendered. Also alot of times when I start the game, the items in my backpack are outside of my pack and floating out of it. Just a few bugs I've experienced and I hope they get fixed because I really enjoy astroneer, and
  14. I've had a problem on the XboxOne version of Astroneer. While placing a line of tethers to explore (usually a very very Long line of tethers, because they're cheap to make, I assume I should be able to do this). Once placing the last in the line of tethers, and either I'm not satisfied with the placement I made, and pick it up, or I accidentally pick the last one up, it seems it causes a random tether post in the line to become disconnected. This causes a HUGE frame drop for some reason. Then I'm stuck a mile away from base, disconnected from my oxygen source. If you have other problems w