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Found 8 results

  1. I had almost completed the game but it teleported me here and now i cant do anything ASTRONEER 2020-08-30 14-45-44.mp4
  2. Just look at the video. this happens with every recource in the game. sometimes it stops doing this, this is on multiplayer just so you know ASTRONEER (gamepreview) 17_07_2018 21_18_18.mp4
  3. Stalin

    Bind key

    Hello guys, i want to ask you for something ! How i can change my bind in the game, when i press on the title "forward" the W transform in "--" and when i want to press "Z" for change, nothing happen so can't change... And the worst is if i press another title like "left", the A of left becomes W and the "--" of Forward becomes A, Wtf ?
  4. I want to report just a little bug ;P Watch the images/pictures : Click here And here I hope it helped your dev team! Continue like this, i love your job!
  5. While attempting to get into my rover I accidentally picked up my seat at the same time, this was then followed by me flying around following my mouse. I spent the next 5 minutes recreating this and now I can use it whenever I want with just a chair. To recreate it you just have a chair on the ground, you then left click but you tab into it pretty much instantly. I play with mouse and keyboard and on steam. Gl developers. Love the game by the way, many laughs were had when this happened.
  6. repro - make a truck, load it w/ seat, battery, wind thing, storage. Drive around and get lost for 40 min. Find base after circum navigating planet. Proceed to tip truck over irregular & unexplored territory. I drop 1000' to my watery death with a shit done of valuable stuff. expected - not to lose my body & truck to a watery death... actual - mysteriously bounce out of truck, start swimming, madly hit escape, result in my body in the depths and truck/death marker no where to be found.
  7. When you enter a single seat when its connected to anything if you hit tab to get in it and click to pick the chair up you can carry the chair while being in it and fly at extreme speeds through out the planet and even go into space. The problem with this is that if you figure out how to place the chair back (difficult) and click to snap it back in you cant exit the chair and when you exit the game your inventory clears for some reason. Thanks
  8. It must be a duplication bug, if you go into a large cave where another cave sits on top of it and the plants stick through the floor, the Resource node will fall off and it seems like there are just tooooo many. Everything was from this one cave in the images below.