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About Me

  1. I have this problem that happened to me. The first time i started a world I could enter and play normally, but then, when i tried to start the same world my pc completely freezed on the loading screen and the only thing i could do was disconnect it. I tried to start it again and again and i still cant do it, can anybody please help me? Please, I really liked this game and i want to play it again.
  2. Summary: can`t load the world Description: Hi, I have the problem where I try to load my world that i and my buddy have spent about 60+ hours grinding on won't load at all. I click load world and I come to the planetary system and it starts to spin for about 5 sec and freezes along with the entire game. Is there any way to fix the problem or are 60+ hours gone by the wind?. Yes, I have the latest version. Platform: Steam Specifications: OS: Windows 10 CPU: Intel i7 7700HQ GPU: GTX 1050ti RAM: 8GB Drive: 128GB SSD
  3. On starting up a fresh install, and brand new save the world generates with streaks of matter in the air like the planet is coming apart.
  4. I check the Astroneer road map, after 1.0 we finally get mod support. But I wondered this so much, did we get " Planet Builder " ? Like the World Editor , here is the idea. With present assets on Astroneer ( after the mod support maybe we can add our own assets ? ) We can create our own special Planets, maybe even we create a mixed planet half tundra, half barrens, part by part actually this is just a simple example. I know it's not easy but wanna see yours comments, what you thinking about this ?
  5. I know the devs have said they plan to add more worlds at release or even after, and I was wondering if we could get a topic going with suggestions from everyone about what kind of planets or terrain and their features they would like to see in the future. This is not what will be coming out or should come out at launch. This is for future content updates and dlc to keep this game going great for a long time to come. To kick things off, I've seen a lot of suggestions for water to be added, but what about a desert world? Somewhere with wide open ranges, few entrances to the cave sy
  6. I opened up the game to look at the 10.5 update, been playing it for a number of days, reloading the world many times. The most recent time i went on the world, I told my friend to join so that they could see my progress. Now today I am trying to get onto my world and at a certain point in the loading process, the animated ellipsis below the text block freezes, and then my whole computer instantaneously shuts down and begins to reboot (no blue screen, simply just crashes). This is on Windows through Steam. Very important to get this fixed for 1.0.
  7. Can we please add a way to back up saved worlds Eg: save a world to a new slot. I experienced a system crash while getting into a rover and lost about 2 weeks of work 6~12hours per day! The world file is corrupted and won't load. I'm kinda pissed; there's no reason I should have to dig around in the game files to prevent data loss! ARK has the same problem: I managed to fill a 1TB HDD with world file backups. Bardrick
  8. Hi, so I am playing ASTRONEER and I've recently made the Large Rover. So, I hooked it with some research materials, a seat and a solar panel while playing on the Steam (Keyboard) version of the game. I was just driving around the place and next thing I know, my large rover gets stuck in a hill while climbing it. Figured I got stuck on a rock, I continued to try to drive. Then rotating my camera, I noticed my rover was sinking into the world. Then finally my rover instantly gets swallowed by the world. I'm playing on the Alpha Version so, yeah. Have some pics. Hope I filled i
  9. When in multiplayer I cannot pick up items or interact with structures. I noticed that it happens only in certain areas of the world whereas in other areas the game works perfectly. The annoying thing is that the affected area is much bigger than the non-affected one. I saw other players reporting this bug however it's not been fixed yet. When my friends disconnect from the server everything works fine. I play the steam version on a windows 10 pc. These are my specs: CPU: intel core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz RAM: 16 GB GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 950M VRAM: 4GB I installed the game on a
  10. In 0.6.1 world generation is sortof broken. Whenever you leave an area in a cave it saves bigger things like big plants, dead astroneers, satelite crashes, etc. But for some reason it doesnt save resource locations. I've discovered that a few times when I marked a big copper vein for example, only to return to nothing (and yes, I'm absolutely certain I was in the right spot). However, next to this issue, it also generates plants again, while also loading them. This causes tons upon tons of plants to stack up, and a cave which was pretty much empty when I found it has been turned into a forest
  11. I played with my brother Astroneer want to go up to our base and this just happend to me (Look at the screenshot) I dont know why this does happen but it happend
  12. In areas in the game I can see chunks of the ground that are pushed down slightly and can see tethers floating! and on the steam version windows 10.
  13. Ever since I got the game, I've been having issues with tethers. Let's say I spend a bunch of time making this huge long tether system out to the middle of nowhere, save my game, and exit. If I load up my world again, the tethers are not connected to each other. They are all there in the exact same spot, but I'm not getting oxygen, and the blue line isn't showing. To fix this, I need to start from my base, pick up the tethers, and place them again. Going off of the example, I'll be out far away from my base with no oxygen source. This is a huge problem, as I have a lot of tethers placed down a
  14. First, i'm italian, so excuse for my english, this game is beatiful!!! I have 2 bugs now (3 hours of game): - The icon in the windows bar (no icon), this is not very important... - The terrain, i see often this bug in the world, the world is break. i hope it help, TiaCR
  15. I was just walking around my base when I started falling through the world. The only way up was to use a hole I had previously duh and semi-jump my way through. Ill have the the same problem when dying. I'll spawn in a little nothing area and gently float down till I hit a cave and die or somehow magically bs my way out.
  16. This winch stopped retracting the cables and when the host tried restarting his game it crashes every time he tries to load it. Before this happened we had a couples of times where the winch did what it was supposed to and retracted once there was already one cable out. mouse/keyboard,steam,multiplayer,i wasn't host, only two people in the session, first world, we had it attached to a rover just before this and everything worked
  17. Don't get me wrong but this game has some pretty interesting ground-breaking glitches. And as an early access player it is my job to report and b**** about these topics, so here we go. Man I love this game but at times I am walking through a cave and suddenly with out warning I am throw into this! In this picture I am depicted falling through the earth. I eventually ended up on the other side and died next to some astronium. The glitch happened when I was going through a cave and stumbled of a world hole and quickly snapped a screenshot; I was taking screenshots of it before a
  18. Someone please help me! I was playing with my friend and suddenly the game crashed and the world we played in got corrupted! Now every time I try to go to that world the game crashes! Is there any way of getting a corrupted world back or will they fix the corruption in an upcoming update? Please answer if you have any information.
  19. There is a way to fly underneath the world all you have to do is make a little hole in the ground and cover yourself up it will make you go under the ground and fly
  20. I've seen this glitch before but have never screenshot it until now. This is a small slit I found, although I have even fallen through them before (much larger ones) and you continue to fall until you hit the bottom of the world or into another cave system. I have died a couple of times to this. If you use your terrain tool you can "iron it out" although I just felt like mentioning it. Glitch 2: There is another glitch where you can use you terrain tool to crush yourself into the ground and fall though the ground and either hit the bottom of the map, or into a cave system just like the ot
  21. I decided not to go out with the winch on my truck, so I removed it from the vehicle and set it in the floor in my garage. It wiggled and jiggled and slipped into the ground. I dug down with my extractor and could not find the winch anywhere. That was last night. Today, I decided to go caving and what better place to go in than the new hole in my garage? After tethering and digging a few sloping tunnels, I came out into a cavern system. I hopped over to where I estimated my garage to be and: Walla! There sat my winch. So, moral of the story seems to be that if an item falls through the
  22. Every time I exit the game and come back I spawn in under the world. I can jump to get out of it unless I land in a cave. This leads to hours of my time trying to get my stuff back. Please fix this very soon, as I am getting restless of going down into some random cave over and over to get my stuff. ~Thanks!
  23. Recently i have been getting a bug where my character falls through the world. My player will fall slowly and after a small amount of time he starts walking back up to the surface of coarse when falling if i land in a cave i die. Its almost like a mini game trying to dodge the caves before you land in them and die, and then finding out where your character will end up once floating back up to the surface. Hopefully someone has a solution to how to fix this.
  24. Okay so I'm playing with a keyboard and mouse on Steam, and I learned how to glitch through the world. To recreate this you need to go over to a spot and just alt+click and build up and then eventually the pillar you create will consume you and you can swim through the world.
  25. Steam As u can see in the picture the earth got a big space where u can go in but then snared in it. I tried to grab the earth so it becomes the normal ground level but it still has a small space between the normal ground and the bug ground. I think u cant reproduce the bug. I got it after restarting the game and joining the safedata. Sorry for my bad english^^ Hope u can understand it.